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Unrequited Lover’s Search for Soulmate

Unrequited Lover’s Search for Soulmate.

We have discussed that each person has a perfect other half, a mate somewhere in this vast universe, or so we have always heard. Lovers have been perplexed about since time immemorial. In my blog Soul Mates and Unrequited Love, I have written about some types of connections that lead to an individual’s search for his soul mate. In this article am going to write more about types of soul mate connections.

Soul Calling

Based on their mutual dedication to the same cause, couples discover a profound attraction. They are both artists, writers, scientists, musicians or perhaps part of the same spiritual group. Maybe they are passionate about massage and healing or want to help the environment. Sometimes people say they are attracted to each other because they are part of the same ‘Soul Group’. Two fellow travellers walking the same path, sharing a feeling of companionship.


Sometimes, certain souls needed a parental situation of a particular type. Such souls actively bring their parents together and make sure they have sex at the opportune moment for themselves to incarnate. We could probably call this Soul Level arranged marriage! Pay attention to who is pulling the strings when you feel an attraction to someone, in order to understand this.

Man / Woman Spirit

All of us are both male and female. Female energies and attributes will be predominant if we are in a female body and male attributes will be predominant if we are in a male body. However, every individual carries an imprint of the opposite gender, the other half within. This imprint is the cause of a deep experience of inner ecstasy and oneness, a merging of the right and left sides of the brain. When we are attracted to a man or a woman sometimes it is because this person matches the imprint of the opposite gender that we carry within us. This kind of union is conducive of highly developed spirituality.

Having understood this concept, it is good for unrequited lovers understand that programming your mind and heart to accept that your love is never going to be fulfilled is a huge spiritual lesson. This lesson is not easy to learn, and one requires constant practice to remain content in this situation. I have written about this in detail in my blog The Spiritual Gifts. Feelings can remain unreturned for years, even decades, but this situation holds immense possibility for spiritual and emotional growth.

Soul Mate

I had initially set out to write about soul mates, but for unrequired lovers to understand the concept of a soulmate and analyse if their current love is actually their soulmate, it was important to give a brief background about types of connections that lead to an individual’s search for a soulmate.

A Soulmate is generally believed to be a romantic partner, with the implication of an exclusive lifelong bond. This bond may be due to sexual, karmic or other types of attraction which may be transitory, depending upon the vibrational similarity between two individuals. Or, may develop and nurture the union to its ultimate potency by working through the dense web of reasons for being together; by discovering how to experience union of body, mind and soul.

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The Mirror of Relationship

Relationships take time to mature. The taste of a mature relationship is like fine wine; pure bliss and gratitude. You become one, merge with each other. If the other person is not in love with you anymore, or never was, you are actually wasting your time in trying to form a bond. In this situation you need to accept the fact and move on. As I have written in my blog Equilibrium, you don’t want to be an unrequited lover and hang on for no reason! This is not a soulmate in who’s eyes you will find yourself. A soulmate relationship is a mirror, body and soul. When experiencing the other, we experience ourselves. When we meet a soulmate, we are meeting our potential, to love all that we can. A soulmate challenges us to awaken in the truest sense.

It is going to take time to make yourself believe that your current love is not your soulmate, yet the first step has to be taken, and that first step is acknowledgement. Just as a garden takes years of working, weeding and watering, it takes time to get out of unrequited love and start looking for your soulmate.

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