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Soulmates and Unrequited Love

Soulmates and Unrequited Love.

Soulmates. We have all heard this expression, but what does it mean? Can it really be true that each person has a perfect other half, a mate somewhere in this vast universe? Are we really going to be discontent and anxious until we have met our soulmate? Since time immemorial lovers have been perplexed about the issues that this question brings up.

There are several types of powerful connections that two individuals can have, which give rise to intense feelings of attraction and bonding.

Karmic Attraction

The incomplete issues from another life, either negative or positive, are the reason behind Karmic attraction. Many people, in their past lives, associated with things such as rape, rejection and cheating. These things have occurred through centuries of human history. You may read about this in detail in my blog Relationships and Karma. The resultant karmic influence invokes today’s circumstances, for Karmic absolution. Consider people’s sufferings in the past; those enslaved by governments, dictators and rulers. Nations subjugated, starving and slaughtered. Karmically speaking, if all you’ve got to worry about in this life is your unrequited love, you are truly blessed. If you ignore the blessings, they result is a lack of stability in relationships, causing dissatisfaction and heartbreak.

I remember once, a married friend began experiencing intense attraction to a man she had to be in the presence of each day while at work. At that time, a spiritual guru had instructed her to remain faithful to her husband, so that their relationship could go deeper into intimacy.

Unrequited love is a powerful fuel for bringing to life many karmic relationships.

Suddenly, a woman was catapulted into a powerful past life experience. She relived a life where a man that she was extremely attracted to in this life, had been someone who raped and murdered her in the past life. Because of the entanglements and incomplete emotions, she felt strong attraction to him. Her soul was actually seeking to complete the unfinished karmic ties. The moment she relived that karmic imprint, her attraction to the man dropped completely.

In another relationship, the man experienced a powerful and intense bonding with his lover due to a past life where they were in love but he had died before they could move into a new life.

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Unrequited love can be inflicted by a lover upon himself. We sometimes seek to vicariously live out something which is suppressed in us due to childhood wounds. In doing this, we choose a partner who reminds us of someone we were close a mother / father/ brother/ or sister, etc.

A partner chosen in this state will adroitly press your buttons, provoking strong reactions, which continue endlessly in a loop; like a struck cord.  It is important to see that in this relationship; we are often trying to force the lover to become the ‘Good Daddy’ or the ‘Good Mommy’ who we always wanted. Over a period of time, the partner will feel put into a box of your design and rebel, leading to a conflict in the relationship. If it goes bad enough for the partner to want to quit the relationship, it is going to leave you in lonely and rejected in unrequited love.


The power of hormones associated with attraction and sex and the body chemistry should not be underestimated. It is a strong draw in love relationships. After all, we are animals and sex hormones are the rulers when it comes to physical attraction! When you are hurting in unrequited love, sit back and think, do you love the person or all that he/does to your hormones. Honestly, there is no shame in accepting that a lot of us, especially the male gender, mistakes physical attraction for love. If you think about it, given another girl as hot as your current crush, and ready to mingle, would you still be sitting alone and hurting over this unrequited love? Think!

This article is only about types of connections that lead to an individual’s search for his soulmate. Do dive deeper into other subjects through the links that I have provided in this article. In my next blog I am going to write more about types of soulmate connections.

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