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Unrequited Love Leaves You Isolated

Unrequited Love Leaves You Isolated.

Along with understanding what is being said, in times of disconnect in a relationship, it is also important to understand by implication, learning and listening. Be willing to listen to what the other person feels and open to receive those feelings. Ask the person what he/she expects from you in the future. When you think of using spiritual methods to better a relationship, it is important to know that no method dealing with our consciousness works on someone who doesn’t have complete faith in it.

Getting out of unrequited love is not a one-time act. You are going to have to try many ways to be able to take things quietly, patiently and intelligently. Only those of you who really want to get over the pain of unrequited love, find true love in life, and are not merely looking for easy ways to find success in your search for a soulmate will be able to work out of curiosity to understand the various complications and problems that each human being has, for to understand is to resolve them and be completely free of them.

A conscious awareness and respect for the process is required for any process to be successful. Learning how to adapt to the situation and working on it is helpful. Certain methods have been helpful in getting over unrequited love, ensuring smooth exit from a situation or relationship and offering opportunity to heal the underlying issues. In many cases, you will grieve like someone who is experiencing the loss of a relationship and only time will heal the wounds and change your perspective. At first, you will have to make constant effort to refocus your energies by controlling your thoughts from wandering to that one person, but eventually this will become easier.

All that glitters is not always gold. I did not become a preacher overnight. I have had my own set of heartbreaks, unrequited love, phases of extreme lows, depression, isolation, standing up again, and being betrayed again. One thing that is pretty certain is that you are not going to let go of a person or a situation unless you are ready for it. And you are probably not going to be ready before you understand what is really going on inside you that keeps you holding on. However, today I believe that in some other lifetime, I had wronged all those people in some way. They came in my life again to settle the karma cycle. They hurt me back, cleared the karma and left. Besides that, they also taught me some lessons- to not be too trusting, to learn to love with detachment, to look for fulfilment within myself, etc.

Some lovers claim that sacrifice comes so naturally to them that sometimes they are not even aware of it. The typical emotion associated with compromise, however, is frustration. While sacrifice is often associated with sympathy and compassion, compromise is mostly a forced situation, where the person might not accept the compromise and might be constantly aware of its negative aspects. Hence, the potential loss is more emotionally painful because it involves unfinished business. The regret about missing a valuable opportunity is present typically in compromise and not in sacrifice.

It has been found that acceptance of friends and family helps unrequited lovers in handling the situation. As I have written in my article Benefits of Unrequited Love, the ‘bad phase’ of your life also gives your friends and family a chance to show you how much they care. While they’re trying everything to get you out of the mess, your relationships with each of them are growing stronger. If neglected by friends and family, a rejected individual loses the willingness to make the efforts and sacrifices to change their behaviour according to the prescriptions of others.

In everyone’s life there are some separations that are worth mentioning. To think about how they brought forth more liveliness, a certain kind of lightness of being, as you endure the pain. With every unrequited love experience, pain of being rejected keeps getting weaker, however, there still remains one such love that hurts even after years. Unrequited love pangs tear at your heart when both of you are buffeted about in one drama after another. With time, you become an emotional wreck; confused and incapable of being strong in the presence of your lover. You feel sucked off, of better sense, logic and emotions.

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