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Unrequited Love Choice or Chance?

Unrequited Love Choice or Chance?

If you are looking to fall in love and being loved back, you need to get involved with people who are Karma clear. Look for those people around you. They will be the ones who are selflessly offering their love to you. Karma clear does not mean someone that is without Karma. It means someone who has come out clear of past relationships and is ready to process new ones.

Do not confuse this with emotional or social availability of a person. Someone who just got divorced or recently broke up is a contradiction to clear Karma. That person had an unprocessed relationship which has not been dealt with or cleared out. Metaphysically speaking, a relationship is a combination of bonds. When you make love, a spiritual bond is formed, which intimately binds the chakras of two individuals. People who are promiscuous are mostly unable to balance their relationships because the chakra cords are being broken constantly. If you have found someone outside of your marriage or relationship that your heart feels an inexplicable connection with, you’ve probably found a Karma clear soul and are most likely going to be unable to stop an intimate bond from being formed. Once this happens, it will be very difficult for you to retain a spiritual balance in your current relationship.

As discussed in my post Relationships and Spirituality, if you are in unrequited, unreciprocated love, there is a possibility that either one of you is not Karma clear. The concept of Karma is actually becoming a bit trendy in today’s world. Everyone wants to know, for example, who they were in their past life. On a serious note, we truly need to understand what Karma actually is, in the full perspective of life, in order to understand our choice of Karma and find our true love in life. Karma is nature’s law of cause and effect. Call it action and reaction or causes and consequences – it’s all Karma.

There is a reason for everything in life; even with falling in love and finding out that it is going to remain unrequited. Whenever you find yourself madly in love with someone who doesn’t feel the same for you, know that this is happening for a reason. All that happens in our lives and relationships has a reason associated with it. It is the outworking of cause and effect, and the consequences that follow. You would remember reading “history repeats itself”. It is probably history that is repeating itself. You are living it right now. When we are born on this planet, we are given many hints to try to find our way back to the light within. Metaphysically, unfulfilled or one-way love is one of those hints. It tells you- this is an illusion, overcome it. It’s only a matter of time before you realise that you are more complete within yourself than you would be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t care. You want to be happy in love. You don’t want to be hurt and lonely all the time, which is exactly what you get in unrequited love.

Astrology is a powerful science of behaviour that helps you in identifying the uniqueness that you were born with. It helps to identify your Karma, your obsession, and why you act and think in a certain way, which is unique. The Karma of love is when we are insecure, lonely or foolish enough to think that you must seek love outside our own self; when in truth you are already bonded to all humans. It is perfectly acceptable to have romantic feelings for another individual, but if you choose to waste those feelings on someone who holds no value for them, then there is a problem. Your insecurities create a vacuum inside you. This makes you become obsessed with trying to find love outside of you. In case that love happens to be unrequited, you end up harming yourself in a lot of ways.

I have written in detail about the effect of your Karma and its role in unrequited love relationships. In my future posts, I am going to write more about this subject. Keep checking back, if this interests you and don’t forget to like, comment and share!

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