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Understanding Relationships in Unrequited Love

Understanding Relationships in Unrequited Love.

To have a better understanding of the types of relationships that will form a part of your life and how to work with relationship chemistry, will help you find your soulmate; someone who will match down to the depths of your soul. In my previous blog Relationships and Unrequited Love, I have discussed about a few such relationships, one of which is External Friend. An external friendship is formed when two people have drifted apart because of circumstances and situations, yet are able to sustain their friendship and a bond that transcends each person. This is a rarer connection but is becoming increasingly common, with today’s generation being more vocal and having a deeper understanding of its higher-self. A very common example of this kind of friendship has been seen in a couple that has children together and ends up in a divorce. The children become a reason for their bond which is external and yet they cannot live together as a couple. This kind of connection is characterized by the existence of two individuals with a deep external connection, who should ideally work together closely but in reality are far apart.

External Friend is a new term and has no social baggage associated with it. It makes coming together of two individuals easier for a higher purpose, on separate terms.


A partner in the truest sense of the word is a person who shares your life in a way that fulfils your desire of companionship. In this sense, a partnership can never develop from unrequited love. A partner shares social obligations with you, which defines how you appear in public. Partners can be easily mixed with other categories. So a Partner can be an acquaintance, or an ex-spouse. The term is characterized by the A partner can be your current love who you have yet to decide about tying the knot with.

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I had initially set out to write about soul mates, but for unrequited lovers to understand the concept of a soulmate and analyse if their current love is actually their soulmate, it was important to give a brief background about types of connections that lead to an individual’s search for a soulmate.

As discussed in my blog Unrequited Lover’s Search for Soulmate, soulmate is generally believed to be a romantic partner, with the implication of an exclusive lifelong bond. This bond may be due to sexual, karmic or other types of attraction which may be transitory, depending upon the vibrational similarity between two individuals. Or, may develop and nurture the union to its ultimate potency by working through the dense web of reasons for being together; by discovering how to experience union of body, mind and soul.

The generic definition of soul mate is super wide open. In the western culture, most people don’t believe in the concept of ‘soulmates’ and nowhere are we taught what a soulmate exactly is. A soul mate is believed to be a person with whom one has a feeling of deep and natural affinity in terms of love, spirituality, sexuality and intimacy. Once you have found such a person, understand that both of you may not have the same definition of ‘soulmate’. If this fact is not understand well and not come to terms with, it can create problems between the two of you. Both of you could actually be working to different ideals of soulmate and hence one or both of you will be hurt and in the end left in unrequited love for the other. Some people don’t even think soulmates exist. As I have discussed in my blog Losses in Unrequited Love, in order to experience the phenomenon of soulmates, love the one you are with in full consciousness. This is possible only when the other person is equally in love with you. Only then can you experience your relationship blossoming into a Soulmate Relationship. As we move deeper into our relationship, we discover the density of relationship fuels the awakening of consciousness. Experiencing this metamorphosis is extraordinary. As romantic as it may sound to love someone with your heart and soul, even if they don’t love you back, it is not easy. It is really painful to long for someone who does not feel the same way about you.

In my next blog I am going to write more about relationships that you form in your life and that affect your patterns of falling in love and might be a reason behind an unrequited love relationship.

Please share your experiences in the comments section and I will add them to my future blogs.

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