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Relationships and Unrequited Love

Relationships and Unrequited Love.

To have a better understanding of the types of relationships that will form a part of your life and how to work with relationship chemistry, will help you find your soulmate; someone who will match down to the depths of your soul. In my previous blog Friendship and Unrequited Love, I have discussed about a few such relationships, one of which is The friend of Spirit. This is someone who has been with you ever since you remember and continues to be with you for a lifetime and even after that, for many lives to come. With a friend of Spirit, you could be far away from each other, living different stories in life and yet there is a connection and harmony between you and your friend of spirit.

External Friend

This is a rarer connection but is becoming increasingly common, with today’s generation being more vocal and having a deeper understanding of its higher-self. An external friendship is formed when two people have drifted apart because of circumstances and situations, yet are able to sustain their friendship and a bond that transcends each person. A very common example of this kind of friendship has been seen in a couple that has children together and ends up in a divorce. The children become a reason for their bond which is external and yet they cannot live together as a couple. This kind of connection is characterized by the existence of two individuals with a deep external connection, who should ideally work together closely but in reality are far apart. These individuals are mostly a social prop in each other’s lives, working with each other in ways that are greater than just a simple friendship. In this kind of connection, one of the partners might be in unrequited love with the other, or there might be no love lost between them. So technically, an External Friend is a subset of a partner. However, after a divorce or a broken relationship, that has bonded families involved, the concerned individuals don’t want to refer to each other as partners any more, still portray a social connection which is referred to as an ‘external friend’, to give a social touch to the distance between them. The term indicates that despite the distancing, obligations or other larger events are going to keep these individuals together for a long time.

The last thing you want to create is an eternal enemy instead! Because some connections are so deeply woven into your life, when you push too hard to break away, you end up creating possibilities for the partner becoming externally against you, when a long term connection is still present. It then makes sense to let the relationship turn to a externa friendship, for long-term gain for the individuals involved and the relationships connected with them.

Karmic Connection

Then there are Karmic connections. The incomplete issues from another life, either negative or positive, are the reason behind Karmic attraction. Many people, in their past lives, associated with things such as rape, rejection and cheating. These things have occurred through centuries of human history. You may read about this in detail in my blog Relationships and Karma. The resultant karmic influence invokes today’s circumstances, for Karmic absolution. Karmically speaking, if all you’ve got to worry about in this life is your unrequited love, you are truly blessed. If you ignore the blessings, they result is a lack of stability in relationships, causing dissatisfaction and heartbreak.

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Karmic relationships exist to teach a lesson against, hence, an old friend of spirit is usually not a Karmic relationship. An old friend of spirit is generally a connection across lifetimes only because two people like to flow with each other. Karmic debt doesn’t exist between you and an old friends of spirit. This is a rather tricky connection because with the length of time we know another person, and are often tempted to push or assume the connection to be deeper than it really is in reality, more often than not leading to an unrequited love relationship with a friend of spirit from the opposite gender. So it is helpful and important to understand that even with old friends you need to be careful in how you relate.

In my next blog I am going to write more about relationships that you form in your life and that affect your patterns of falling in love and might be a reason behind an unrequited love relationship.

Please share your experiences in the comments section and I will add them to my future blogs.

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