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Unconditionally Unrequited Love

Unconditionally Unrequited Love.

From a quantum creating perspective, the more we allow ourselves to fall under the spell of unrequited love, the more we vibrate with unfulfilled longing, and the more the universe will mirror that and send us more of the same. As discussed in my blog More About Relationships and Karma, the Universe is a reflection of you. Whatever you are as an individual, so is the universe that you create around you. The neighbours, friends, family, home, city and environment you live in, everything in your life is literally a reflection of you. If you feel that your life is a mess, or that the person you love doesn’t love you back and this is making everything in your life negative, incomplete and unwanted, then you need to do some deep soul searching.

The unrequited love is mysterious. Again, mysterious is desirable. It makes us crave for more. It arouses us and fascinates us. When we cannot interpret the character of a person in normal ways, they become more interesting to us. If you have ever found yourself in a trance-like state while you are with friends and all you have been thinking about is that one special person, while your friends were talking, and you don’t seem to have heard a single word of the conversation for 20 minutes at a stretch, there is scientific evidence to support that you are (insane?) experiencing a normal stage of love.

The moments of unreturned, unrequited love or lust may be tough. They may even feel vulnerable, gut-wrenchingly sad, lonely, confusing and bare. Yet they are a tough reality of togetherness and separateness. And yet all of us keep falling in and out of unrequited all the time. There is not one person in the world who hasn’t felt unrequited love at some point in life. The unrequited love object puzzles us and allows our brains to dwell on them in order to try to understand them, thereby fueling our attraction.

I have been writing extensively about ways to get over unrequited love and this series of articles, I am covering a specific kind of unrequited love – unattainable love. My unsolicited advice is to seek healthy relationships based on equality. Finding someone who is real, your equal, someone who likes you just the way you are, and who makes you feel happy and connected rather than miserable and frustrated. A state where you are able to love unconditionally; where there is inner silence, spaciousness, awareness, happiness and an experience of your true identity, your soul identity. You may read about this in detail here.

Those who consider love to be an aesthetic response would hold that love is knowable through the emotional and conscious feeling it provokes yet which cannot perhaps be captured in rational or descriptive language. What is required to balance the actual relationship is the understanding that instead of holding on to the ideal, both individuals might need to shift the relationship into something else. Do not push the relationship too hard. As discussed in my post Unrequited Love and Sex in Perspective, products of the reproductive system are the seventh dhatu or bodily tissue. The reproductive tissue is the cream of all the body’s metabolic efforts and hence, the sperm and ovum are considered the end result of the metabolism of the preceding six tissues. If the quality of the reproductive tissue is pure, then the greatest miracle of the body can be performed. The miracle of creating a child. A strong desire to intimate with another person physically and emotionally, when unreturned, becomes unrequited love.

Every individual seeks a companion to embrace life together in a relationship. When a couple has reached the highest ideal of these deep relationships, they are often labelled as soulmates in our culture. All unrequited love cases begin with the lover looking for a soulmate when they are actually pursuing a one-way love relationship and in doing so, they forget to notice some points that are important in forming or finding a soulmate relationship. Each relationship is different and there are a lot of things couples can improve by discussing and understanding. Love cannot be demanded. It can only be willingly committed. In my future articles, I am going to write about some famous and some not-so-famous unrequited love stories. Do keep coming back for the stories, and don’t forget to leave your comments and I will add them in my future blogs.

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