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Types of Relationships and Unrequited Love

Types of Relationships and Unrequited Love.

We have discussed that each person has a perfect other half, a mate somewhere in this vast universe, or so we have always heard. Lovers have been perplexed about since time immemorial. In my blog Soul Mates and Unrequited Love, I have written about some types of connections that lead to an individual’s search for his soul mate. In the following series of articles, I am going to write about getting over unrequited love to find your soulmate.

Every individual seeks a companion to embrace life together in a relationship. When a couple has reached the highest ideal of these deep relationships, they are often labelled as soulmates in our culture. All unrequited lovers are mostly looking for soulmates when they are pursuing a one-way love relationship and in doing so, they forget to notice some points that are important in forming or finding a soulmate relationship. What is required to balance the actual relationship is the understanding that instead of holding on to the ideal, both individuals might need to shift the relationship into something else. Do not push the relationship too hard. When you try too hard to find a soulmate, you start looking for one in your beloved, even if he or she doesn’t feel the same way about you. If you indeed want to find your soulmate, direct your love to the right person. Understand that just anyone cannot be your soulmate. If you keep directing your love and emotions towards an unrequited love relationship, you will only end up in a relationship disaster. As I have written in my blog Hopeless Unrequited Love, this is why we often find ourselves in unrequited love or sinking relationships, with no understanding of how we reached there. It usually starts with a nice romantic relationship, gradually losing the sheen and turning to something you never wanted it to be. By the time you realize something is wrong, it gets so bad, you find it difficult to handle it right and you cannot afford to lose it either, because you are hopelessly in love. There certainly must be some warning signs? What do we miss that could’ve warned us?

Before you start looking for a soulmate in someone, take a step back to analyse your feelings and understand the other person’s feelings. Explore the true nature of your relationship with that person. A good understanding of the variations and chemistry of your relationship helps you to balance it in a better way and know if this association is what you are actually looking for.

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There is no relationship that never has a difficult patch or doesn’t go through hard times. So, just because your relationship with your beloved in unrequited love is running smooth at the moment, believing it to be a soulmate connection is a mistake. Even with your soulmate, you are going to have rocky points to overcome. To have a better understanding of the types of relationships that will form a part of your life and how to work with relationship chemistry, will help you find your soulmate; someone who will match down to the depths of your soul.To understand that your life-partner or your soulmate is not going to be the person that you have always dreamt of, is going to be very helpful in forming a strong bond with your partner. Do not limit your relationship to fit the pattern that you saw in your partner when you were young. If you keep looking for those qualities, you will always find yourself being attracted towards a dreamy relationship which will eventually lead to unrequited love.

I am going to start reviewing the basic relationships most people experience in life in my upcoming articles. However, to limit relationships down to ‘friend’, ‘partner’ and ‘everyone else’ is a trap. It forces your brain to push people into categories, whereas a lot of times there are relationships that do not fall under any of these categories because of the chemistry that is shared in them.

In my next blog I am going to continue writing about the types of relationships and their importance in every individual’s life, lack of which might lead a person to seek love in unrequited love relationships.

Please share your experiences in the comments section and I will add them to my future blogs.

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