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Friendship and Unrequited Love

Friendship and Unrequited Love.

To understand that your life-partner or your soulmate is not going to be the person that you have always dreamt of, is going to be very helpful in forming a strong bond with your partner. I have written about this in detail in my blog Types of Relationships and Unrequited Love. Do not limit your relationship to fit the pattern that you saw in your partner when you were young. If you keep looking for those qualities, you will always find yourself being attracted towards a dreamy relationship which will eventually lead to unrequited love.

To have a better understanding of the types of relationships that will form a part of your life and how to work with relationship chemistry, will help you find your soulmate; someone who will match down to the depths of your soul.

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Types of Relationship

Acquaintance – We meet and connect with people every day. An acquaintance is a person that we know and interact with. Sometimes we start considering someone our friend, while actually the person is just an acquaintance. Their opinion, behaviour and criticism is not to be taken too seriously. Do not expect a lot from your acquaintance and keep the relationship simple. The next important relationship is friendship.

Friend –  A friend in need is a friend indeed. Period. This is a person that you want to spend more time with. An individual learns a lot of things about life from his friends. Friends are the most important part of our lives in our growing up years. As we grow and form a family, friends take a back-seat in our lives. They also get occupied with time in their adult lives. As a result, with time the number of friends in our life reduces. Eventually some friends who used to be friends become acquaintances.

A true friendship transcends with time and friendship doesn’t depend on how much time you spend with each other. If someone is a true friend, being occupied and not being able to meet does not affect the relationship. A true friend remains so even from a distance, and when you meet, it is just like the good old days. A true friend does not judge you or hold you back from finding your life-partner. True friends are treasures of life. As I have written in my blog Ways to Handle Unrequited Love, this is what friends are for. When in unrequited love, friends are the best people to talk with about your situation. Happiness multiplies when shared and sorrows divide. This is an unfailing rule in life. Try it. After you have spoken with a friend who truly cares for you, you will feel more confident about yourself. You will see that there are people who don’t consider you ‘rejected’. It is just the truth. One person’s rejection does not decide your worth. There are many more who know your true worth.

Old Friend – It is interesting to know that old friends often somehow end up being our true friends. They say that if a friendship has lasted over eight years, it is probably going to last forever. Hence, it is natural for an individual to be able to depend more on an old friend than on a new one. They also say that we are formed of Body, Mind and Spirit and we also have three different types of friends.

When you have spent a long time sharing stories and building dreams with a friend, that person is your friend of Mind.

When you have spent more time doing physical activities with a friend, that person becomes your friend of Body.

The friend of Spirit is someone who has been with you ever since you remember and continues to be with you for a lifetime and even after that, for many lives to come. With a friend of Spirit, you could be far away from each other, living different stories in life and yet there is a connection and harmony between you and your friend of spirit.

However, do note that just because a person is an old friend, he doesn’t necessarily have to be a true friend. Sometimes you and your old friends grow apart and forget the depth of the relationship that you once shared with each other.

In my next blog I am going to write more about relationships that you form in your life and that affect your patterns of falling in love and might be a reason behind an unrequited love relationship.

Please share your experiences in the comments section and I will add them to my future blogs.

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