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The Vibrant Theme of Unrequited Love

The Vibrant Theme of Unrequited Love.

If things look misbalanced, even when the two of you are legally or socially bound in a relationship, you need to give each other time to improve them. Discuss where the problem is and come to an agreement. Both of you need to be on the same ground. When there is too much in one direction it will throw things off. Establishing reasons for being together and maintaining a healthy balance of interdependence will help the relationship bloom and will also let the two of you feel happy individually.

Most people have experienced unrequited love at some point in their lives. Those strong feelings that you feel for someone, you want them, you need them, you cannot live without them, but unfortunately, they do not feel the same way. Understand that you are in unrequited love. Whether it is a high school crush, admiration for a co-worker, or new feelings for a close friend, unrequited love often dies because most of us realize that we will likely not get the results we want, so we move on. Only, sometimes we don’t.

Love plays an enormous and unavoidable role in our uncountable cultures; it is a constant theme of maturing life and a vibrant theme for youth. Philosophically, since the time of the Ancient Greeks, the nature of love has been a mainstay in philosophy. Historically, in the Western tradition, love is characterized by a series of elevations, in which animalistic desire or base lust is superseded by a more intellectual conception of love which also is surpassed by what may be construed by a theological vision of love that transcends sensual attraction and mutuality. Thereafter, there have been supporters and detractors of this kind of love, as well as a host of alternative theories—including theory of true love reflecting what was known as ‘two bodies and one soul.’ Even today, we undeniably find love being discussed in songs, movies and novels—humorously or seriously.

I have heard people discuss – can unrequited, unreturned love work? Does it have the capacity to last for a lifetime? You will be surprised to know how many lovers have spent a lifetime loving and only loving one person, alone! A part of any infatuation is the joy of discovery. So, it can easily be said that “unknown” triggers infatuation. Until you know a person you are in love with, mind, body and soul, there is some or the other kind of infatuation that keeps you thinking about them and dreaming about all that you don’t yet know. As you learn about the object of your affection, the insights propel you to the next stage, which is attachment.

Although love is a matter of the heart, a lot of it is controlled by the activities of the brain. The brain decides if that one person is worth it, the heart just follows. I personally do not understand how a person could happily just keep giving love and never complain about not being loved back. I do not understand how this feeling keeps growing without a response from the love object! For me, love is love only when it is mutual. When we are loved back, when there is oneness, desire, respect and fulfilment.

As discussed in my blog More About Karma of Choice, according to Hindu mythology, unless one soul has become completely clear of the past Karma, it will keep re-embodying itself to achieve Moksha. In every new situation, it will attract the relevant cause and effect pattern that it has set up in the past. Now that you know this, know also that the pain that you have felt in unreturned love was meant to be, in order to make you Karma clear. Now, after you have lived your share of pain and when you are ready, another love will follow, and soon!

It is true that some people take longer than others to realize their true feelings. And yes, being able to hold on without receiving love in return is sometimes the key factor that keeps a relationship together during difficult times. But, love that remains unreciprocated can be excruciatingly painful. Learning to deal with it is vital to your personal development and your ability to live life to the fullest.

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