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Rejected or Unrequited Love

Rejected or Unrequited Love.

It is quite easy to fall in love with someone who’s completely inappropriate for you. You could love someone who doesn’t love you back. When we fall in love with someone, in our eyes he or she becomes infused with an almost surreal importance. It can be hard to tell where you end and they begin and initially you like it that way. Majestic, heightened state of love has a flip side, one with which we’re all too familiar-Love is ever-changing. Love absolutely brings people together, however, you could fall in love with someone who’s not available. You could love someone passionately for a short period of time and then watch the relationship fizzle for reasons you don’t fully understand.

Do you enjoy the excitement of pursuing something you cannot have? For some people, this is the incentive, and once they achieve their goal, they no longer want what they were pursuing. In this case, you will consistently be attracted to the prospect of unrequited love and lose interest when, or if, this love is ever returned. This is also a defence mechanism and may be an indication that you have a fear of commitment or intimacy.

When a married couple falls apart, it is one of the most difficult social and emotional situations to handle. It’s not easy to decide to part and it is not easy to stay together. Mostly there are friends and family to help. But certain things have to be dealt with on a personal level.  Especially when there are children involved. There are assets and custodies to think about. All of these things make it difficult for you to move on. There is never going to be a clear answer to all the questions in your head. The only way to know is to ask yourself “am I happy”? If the answer is “yes”, stay. If the answer is “no”, remember, your assets and custodies will not bring you happiness. If they had the capability to do that, your answer to the above question would be “yes”.

It sounds trite, but you must get your mind off the unrequited love, stop dwelling on it, and redirect your energy to something more effective such as a hobby or newly set goal. Exercise, take a vacation, plan some outings with friends, or even start dating again. After all, you will never meet someone who will love and accept you if you are not open to other possibilities of companionship and emotional intimacy.

If you are looking to fall in love and being loved back, you need to get involved with people who are Karma clear. Look for those people around you. They will be the ones who are selflessly offering their love to you. Karma clear does not mean someone that is without Karma. It means someone who has come out clear of past relationships and is ready to process new ones.

When our feelings are rejected, or when a partner walks out on us, betrays our trust, or decides to end the relationship, we can be more tough to ourselves than we are to them. We keep blaming ourselves for being stupid in believing (even half-heartedly) that they loved us too. Not only does it make the recovery slower, it also makes us stuck in that feeling. We’re unable to move on because of the immeasurable pain and the pity-parties we throw for ourselves whenever we remember that moment of rejection.

One of the most difficult things about unrequited love is to come to terms with the fact that your love is never going to find its destination in your beloved. The most important point to understand here is that this does not mean there is something wrong with you. Think about a star or a celebrity who you know was in love with someone who never loved them back. They are intelligent, rich, smart and all that you think is required for someone to fall in love with you. But they were not loved back. Why? Because it was just not meant to be for them, just like this was not for you.

I have written in detail about unrequited love relationships in my articles. In my future posts, I am going to write more about this subject. Keep checking back, if this interests you and don’t forget to like, comment and share!

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