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Removing Cords in Unrequited Love

Removing Cords in Unrequited Love.

Cutting cords in relationships such as unrequited love, implies releasing the dysfunctional parts of your relationship, instead of breaking up with or abandoning your partner. It is important to note that apathy is the opposite of love, and if you feel apathy from your partner, it is time to let go of the attachment. You may read about this in detail in my blog Cutting Cords in Unrequited Love.

Just randomly cutting cords causes more harm than good. A conscious awareness and respect for the process is required for any healing process to be successful. Releasing cords in a relationship is also a three step procedure which I am going to discuss below.

Before you start doing any of these, please know that this article is a part of a bigger article that I intend to write about sensibly and lovingly cutting cords in unrequited love relationships. I will follow up with further articles on the process of releasing cords. If you have been following my previous articles on cutting cords, by now you should have a good understanding of the fundamentals. It might be wise to re-read those articles, or bookmark them to grab back whenever you encounter a subject that I have written about! If you haven’t read them, it might be good to look up a few of my previous articles to get clarity about the subject.

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Pulling Away

As mentioned before, random cutting of cords is not advisable; in fact, it is bad. If you are so bound to someone that you find the need to detach yourself from that person, it is clear that your systems are too deeply engaged with each other. This is precisely the reason why some attachments should not be removed completely, otherwise they lead to a shock in the energy system, both yours and of the person on the other end. A shock to the energy system creates unwanted emotions, sensations and feelings. In this case, it is much safer to pull cords instead of cutting them. It is more effective, long lasting and much gentler. Pulling cords saves both of you from the shocking effect of the process and allows safe healing and sealing of the connection points.

While both cutting and pulling of cords are similar processes for the unrequited lover, pulling cords requires a more compassionate perspective, adequate using of tempered skills repeatedly and successfully. It is important to remember that there is another person on the other side who also needs to be cared for. When you decide to pull the cords, you are not necessarily abandoning the relationship, unless that is what you actually want. It only helps you get clarity of the situation and face reality more confidently, moving forward after releasing the dysfunctional parts. I cannot emphasise enough that all attachments are created from fear; fear of losing, fear of being alone, fear of social disgrace etc. If there is fear in the attachment, it needs to be disconnected, ended, closed.

Ask yourself how many negative cords need to be pulled. How many people do you want to end your attachment with? If there are more than one, start with the most prominent. In case of unrequited love, specifically, you need to pull the cords off the object of love. Sit in a comfortable position and imagine the negative attachment as red color cords. Handle the cords lovingly, and start pulling one by one. As soon as one red cord has been pulled, connect it with a green cord of peace. If you want to end the relationship completely, place the red cords into a violet flame.

You will see that the point where red cords are being pulled is now open and empty. Start closing each point with a white spiritual light of healing. When you have slowly and lovingly filled all the blanks, you have closed further possibility of the same negative cords forming again and created a beautiful shield for yourself.

The violet flame essentially raises the speed at which electrons orbit around the nucleus in an atom. In my next blog I am going to write about the importance of keeping yourself away and safe from the violet flame in this process.

If you have experienced the process of pulling cords in a relationship, please share your experiences and I will add them to my future blogs.

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