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Let Go of Unrequited Love

Let Go of Unrequited Love.

When an individual’s relationship with self is dysfunctional, he gives power to other people by actually allowing cords of energy to tie him to those people. Similarly, when an unrequited lover madly pursues his beloved, he is actually giving the object of love the power to control him. Even if you realise this phenomenon and begin the process of cutting cords that are controlling you and draining your positive energy, the cords keep coming back unless you resolve the underlying reason for this cording with the specific individual. Certain methods have been helpful in successfully cutting cords, ensuring smooth exit from a situation or relationship and offering opportunity to heal the underlying issues.

In my blog Releasing Unrequited Love Cords I have written how meditation and connecting with your higher-self help in releasing cords. Here are a few more steps to help you release cords gently and lovingly.

Speak Your Heart

Sit in a comfortable position and concentrate on the presence of the higher-self of your beloved or the people you want out of your life. When you have clearly connected with the person in your mind, tell them how you feel about your relationship with them or about the situation that is bothering you. Speak in your mind or speak out loud, whatever is comfortable. Speak the truth, everything that you might not have been able to tell them in real life. Tell them how they have hurt you and how you have suffered because of them. I want you to get everything off your chest when you talk. In the end, tell the person what you want to do next.


You cannot cut the cords all by yourself. Remember that the other person’s energy is also connected with the cords that bind the two of you. Once you have said everything that you wanted to, it is time for the other person to speak. Remember that you are connected with the higher-self of the other person, so they are going to be calm and loving. Connect with them without fear of anger or rejection. Be willing to listen to what the other person feels and open to receive those feelings. Ask the person what he/she expects from you in the future.

If the other person asks for forgiveness, please let them know that forgiveness is not in condoning. It is in making the decision to not let it continue.

And then there will be another loving relationship, another phase of happiness awaiting you beyond the fear of uncertainties!

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Are you willing?

While going through separation in unrequited love, it is important to be compassionate. Be true to what you feel and be kind to what the other feels. I have written about this in my blog Moving On in Unrequited Love. Be willing to compromise or let go of all that is important – assets, relationships, custodies, etc. In the long run, you will see that everything can be recovered with time; yes, even relationships. If you are going to lose a friend, because of your one-way feelings, so be it. Once you have got your feelings under control, you can always try to be friends again. Money, assets, children, everything will fall into place, with time.

Ask yourself and be honest – are you willing and ready to help this person with what they need? You don’t have to do anything for the other person if you don’t want to. Just be sure of what you can do for yourself.

Clearing Up

After you have talked and heard, it is time to clear-up. Get help from someone you trust in doing this. Imagine all the good and bad people in your life; all your positive and negative attachments. Take your trusted person’s help in picking all the negative attachments (people) and putting them aside, filling their place with the positive ones. As you put aside the negative ones, let your guide fill the space with good people. Continue to do so until only positive connections remain.

While doing this, if your trusted person is willing to sit with you and help you with this, let them be a part of this process, do not hesitate. When the two of you have cleared your life of the negative attachments, you are free of the cords of your past or current relationship.

Remember to thank your trusted friend’s higher-self for helping you and let them get back to here they belong. Thank your higher-self for being your guide and bringing you back into waking consciousness.

Sending you light for a happy life. Please leave your comments.

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