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Understanding Cords in Unrequited Love

Understanding Cords in Unrequited Love.

While both cutting and pulling of cords are similar processes for the unrequited lover, pulling cords requires a more compassionate perspective, adequate using of tempered skills repeatedly and successfully. You may read about this in detail in my blog Removing Cords in Unrequited Love. In case of unrequited love, specifically, you need to pull the cords off the object of love. Sit in a comfortable position and imagine the negative attachment as red color cords. Handle the cords lovingly, and start pulling one by one. As soon as one red cord has been pulled, connect it with a green cord of peace. If you want to end the relationship completely, place the red cords into a violet flame.

The Violet Flame

Violet is a color that relates to the imagination and spirituality. It inspires high ideals and stimulates the imagination. Its introspective effect allows us to get in touch with our deeper thoughts. Violet assists in seeking the meaning of life and spiritual fulfilment by expanding our awareness and connecting us to a higher consciousness. The violet flame has an effect of raising vibrations. Vibration is the speed at which electrons of an atom orbit around its nucleus. Negative energy is stuck in the empty space between electrons and the nucleus, clogging the atom. This clogging of atoms in our body leads to negative aura. The movement of electrons slows down, lowering the vibrations and making it difficult to connect with our spiritual self.

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Because of the nature of its color, the violet flame transmutes negative energy into spiritual light that helps our bodies vibrate to a higher energy pattern. It helps in re-establishing balance and harmony in the body by transforming anxiety into peace, fear into courage through introspection.

“There are a thousand things which prevent a man from awakening, which keep him in the power of his dreams. In order to act consciously with the intention of awakening, it is necessary to know the nature of the forces which keep man in a state of sleep. First of all, it must be realized that the sleep in which man exists is not normal but hypnotic sleep. Man is hypnotized and this hypnotic state is continually maintained and strengthened in him. One would think that there are forces for whom it is useful and profitable to keep man in a hypnotic state and prevent him from seeing the truth and understanding his position.”

I have written about this in detail in my blog Supernatural Forces in Unrequited Love. It is important to understand that there are unseen forces influencing our planet. There is more to us than the five senses can perceive. Forces that we do not stop and feel or think about in our day-to-day lives. There is Psychopathy of the genes, of the spirit and that we are not all the same inside. Not every one of us can activate the higher forces. These are intricate subjects that need cautious study and thought.

The violet flame of spirituality is a divine tool gifted to everyone to light the sacred fire that exists in the dimensions of higher levels of conscious. It helps transmute dense feelings, thoughts and Karma. While there are absolutely no conditions attached to lighting the sacred fire within ourselves, it is important for unrequited lovers to understand that here we are discussing this to help you lovingly and peacefully remove cords that bind you in one-way love that leaves you incomplete due to lack of reciprocity. Rekindling the spiritual fire is the first step towards becoming an individual who strives to have his physical self completely embodied by their spiritual self. While our aim here is not to reach to that level of spirituality, this fire is a source of perfect harmony for any belief system, practice or religion.

If you have read my blog Let Go of Unrequited Love, you would know that the violet flame is required to complete the process of removing negative cords that bind you to the dysfunctional parts of an unhealthy attachment. There are unlimited ways to use the process. It is simple, once you understand the principle behind it. It can be practised even after you have got yourself out of the undesired relationship.

  • Sit in a comfortable position and imagine the violet flame entering your body. Ask your higher self to let this flame manifest its positive effect. Visualize, even if you cannot do it too well.
  • Let the violet flame spin around your body in your imagination. Feel its impact on each part of your body, finally reaching the heart. Feel the flame fill your emotional, mental and spiritual body.
  • Ask the Flame to transmute every negative feeling and remove everything you wish to be eliminated from your life.
  • Use the flame to pacify your overwhelming emotions, to tell you that you are complete within yourself and you do not need someone else to make you whole. Let it bring light to you.

Please share your experiences. They are my inspiration.


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