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Power to Change Unrequited Love

Power to Change Unrequited Love.

When in unrequited love, remember the verse in the Bible where Jesus told His followers, “They will know you are my disciples by your love.” It is not a new thought. We have been taught to love unconditionally. When love is not returned in any way, when the door is slammed shut, do not feel sad. But learn to accept it and move on. After all love is a two-way street, right? And if the door is slammed, what more can you do?

Your job is simply to love; the responsibility of return is someone else’s. Perhaps life has restrictions for them and they cannot respond. You loved right up to the slammed door. You loved in spite of the slammed door. Do not regret. However, they some also believe that when you withdraw your interest, thinking they don’t care anyway and won’t even notice, you have lost an opportunity to leave Jesus’ love on their doorstep. What if the door cracks open a bit and there is nothing outside? It would only confirm to them that maybe they were right to withdraw in their hurts because no one cared anyway.

Some say there is no pain like that of a broken heart and most of us know this to be true. Fortunately, this is also the type of pain that can heal with minimal scars if we just focus on ourselves and doing what is best for us. The truth of the matter is falling in love with someone you cannot have is going to be hard on you no matter what you do to try and remedy the situation. However, the most important thing to remember is that feelings do fade with time and if you can remain strong and exercise a little bit of willpower then you will get through the experience. In fact, you can consider situations like this as learning experiences. Not to worry because what typically happens is that the moment you stop looking for your soul mate is the moment he or she flies into your life.

All of us have had door-slammers in our lives. When we are too hurt by rejection and unrequited love, we tend to leave them to themselves thinking that is their choice, and if they were interested the door would swing both ways. But sometimes, you simply need to love right up to that slammed door. Maybe the fragrance of what is in the basket will draw them out to take a peek. The door may never open, but you need to keep leaving the basket of Jesus’ love on the doorstep. Sometimes, you simply need to love.

Love without expecting and give without hesitation. Sometimes, persistence is what the other person needs from their partner. All of us go through different experiences in life and some people become closed to the idea of falling in love again. Your persistence might open closed doors, but remember, not to become a stalker. Give love and ask Him to help you; just leave the results in His hands. You are not putting yourself in the path of abuse, as some might assume I am saying. Rather, you are putting baskets on that doorstep, little reminders like a birthday card, a favorite meal, a plate of cookies, a phone call to say, “Hi,” even though they never phone or say thanks.

That said, in some cases you may be in so much turmoil over a person that you might need to consider drastic measures such as picking up and leaving the entire area in order to put distance between you and the one you love. Chances are when you get to your destination it won’t be long before someone else comes along to help you forget the person you have been pining over. Even if your move is just temporary, distance and time have been known to work wonders together in healing a broken heart. A geographical cure does not work well for things like drug addiction or other psychological problems but when it comes to removing yourself from the presence of a person who you are in love with but cannot have, this is an excellent solution.

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