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Paranormal Interference in Unrequited Love

Paranormal Interference in Unrequited Love.

When one partner gets totally switched off emotionally and psychically, and leaves the other person in a state of unrequited love, he or she is somehow overshadowed by a ‘non-human inter-dimensional entity’ that used the ‘hosted’ partner as a portal for sexual and psychic energy feeding. As I have written in my blog Cupid’s Drama in Unrequited Love, sometimes it feels like there is some kind of ‘hyper-dimensional watcher’, who had a means to pre-bond you to your future love partner (who is now your current partner), or to manipulate your relationships (at that time) so that you would marry or meet a particular lover. Think back on how you met your partner. These partners are often obsessive, displaying qualities that immediately bind you to them. Over a period of time, something else occurs which shows blatant forms of what is called emotional and psychic vampirism. It feels like an invisible predatory force was literally using the love obsessed couple as a source of energy or entertainment.

Sometimes the paranormal interference comes in the form of a definite entity, like an extra-marital affair, where the third person sweeps your partner off his/her feet and compels them to cheat. The presence of this form is witnessed by one or both partners and leads the relationship to the point of no return, forming a base for unrequited love. This interference surrounds the relationship itself, and yet remains unseen. However, there is a clear sense of falling apart of the relationship in a perverse kind of theatrical drama.

Red Flags

To distinguish the presence of paranormal interference from normal kinds of relationship issues, here are some red flags:

  • The person involved having dreams about them, suggesting something precognitive.
  • Physical desires that are left unfulfilled by the partner.
  • Strong psychic connection with the third party, even though you may not really love them.
  • Obsessive need to have sex and powerful sexual passion that remains unchanged even after a few meetings.
  • A sense of physical or emotional draining.
  • Feelings of being helplessly played like puppets in some drama-myth.

To put the dynamics of these dark cupid love affairs simply, there are three main categories these connections. If you see any two of these three present, then your relationship with the third party is likely an ‘Unholy Love Bite’.

  1. Magical or Supernatural Elements
  2. Emotional Highs and Crashing Lows
  3. Emotional or Psychological Manipulation

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The presence of only the first category, without the other two elements, implies that your relationship could very well be an actual soulmate connection. But only when two of the three elements are noted in combination, especially the third category, that is the clear, identifying sign that this relationship is being manipulated.

This manipulation often manifests as a narcissistic quality or even a borderline personality disorder, that can leave the love bitten person utterly bewildered, with no clear understanding of what is happening and why. Sometimes they are unimaginably hurt and sometimes they live in a state of complete euphoria. The obvious effects of narcissistic abuse and the aftermath of this crazy relationship has the capability to destroy your mental and emotional equilibrium.

You may pause at this and try to rationalize that this is simply because of a poor relationship choice with the wrong person. But I assure you, it is really not that simple. These things can co-exist when you are in a third party relationship, most importantly when you are love-bitten by them.

While there is never a proof of this kind of interferences, it was only apparent when many couples witnessed, over the years, a strange kind of disconnect for no reason and then the entry of a third-party in their relationship. Some could feel cords of energy linking them and their partner and another entity. Others had distinct physical sensations that made linking up with their ‘possessed partner’ impossible. Some had dreams about how they were being set up in magic love spells cast by a sorcerer. Some love bite experiencers were told about a bloodline curse that affected them.

Apart from all of these explanations, there are always karmic connections behind this kind of ‘difficult to explain’ affairs. As I have written in my blog Soulmates and Unrequited Love, the incomplete issues from another life, either negative or positive, are the reason behind Karmic attraction. The resultant karmic influence invokes today’s circumstances, for Karmic absolution.

If your current love is unreturned, remember a person in your current or past life whose love you did not return. Recognize the love of your beloved exactly as a karmic reflection of your own past-life self, that is now being returned to you.

It’s almost like tennis. What goes around, comes around.

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