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Cupid’s Drama in Unrequited Love

Cupid’s Drama in Unrequited Love.

When you meet your beloved accidentally, in an unusual place or situation, somehow, something magically happens to create an opportunity. Those zingy, tingly, warm, and fuzzy feelings in your body heighten your senses and make you feel more alive. But deep within, you feel a subtle hint of resistance. Your inner voice tries to ask you “what’s going on?”, but you immediately squash it. I have written about this in detail in my blog Losses in Unrequited Love. A series of meetings, texts and phone calls, followed by driving long distances to meet with your new-found love begin. Excitement builds and you can’t stop thinking about each other, especially about when you will be able to really connect, touch. Merge.

You find yourself doing things you have never done before with other partners. You start taking risks that is not normal for your character. In all of this, you keep pushing away the inner red-flag voice, because all you want to do is to follow your heart. While it is always easier to give advice than take it, it is equally difficult to see the red flags in unrequited love while we are really quick at locating them in other people’s lives and telling them “I told you so”.

As I have written in my blog Hopeless Unrequited Love, this is why we often find ourselves in unrequited love or sinking relationships, with no understanding of how we reached there. It usually starts with a nice romantic relationship, gradually losing the sheen and turning to something you never wanted it to be. By the time you realise something is wrong, it gets so bad, you find it difficult to handle it right and you cannot afford to lose it either, because you are hopelessly in love. There certainly must be some warning signs? What do we miss that could’ve warned us?

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When the roller coaster drama begins, your life turns upside down. Initially, your beloved makes you feel on top of the world, cherished, desired, important. As though a divine script were being written, events seem to unfold magically, piercing through the walls of your lonely heart. Some blissful high envelopes you. Yet, unfortunately, it doesn’t last. At some point, something happens, you wonder why you begin to feel a little drained where you once felt excitement and passion. As I have written in my blog Why Unrequited Love, at the point when your feelings in a relationship are not shared, the outcome can be excruciating for both of you, particularly for the person who is more dedicated to the relationship. Unrequited love — the most common topic for novels and movies, is one of the worst situations to be in. Simply knowing that your relationship falls under this category is all that is needed to make you take some difficult decisions in life. Mostly, it is the decision to stay in the relationship that is important only to the unrequited lover, but at times, it is the decision to walk out.


With time your partner reveals a dark side. You start feeling emotionally manipulated. You start wondering if your partner is deliberately manipulating you, or does it just seem like it. It is hard to believe. You start to feel that events are getting out of your control and lead to emotionally crashing lows. You seem incapable of holding your partner’s full attention and their presence seem to be out of your reach. Life becomes an endless chase of unconsummated love.


Unrequited love pangs tear at your heart when both of you are buffeted about in one drama after another. With time, you become an emotional wreck; confused and incapable of being strong in the presence of your lover. You feel sucked off, of better sense, logic and emotions.

What has happened?

Sometimes it feels like there is some kind of ‘hyperdimensional watcher’, who had a means to pre-bond you to your future love partner (who is now your current partner), or to manipulate your relationships (at that time) so that you would marry or meet a particular lover. Think back on how you met your partner? These partners are often obsessive, displaying qualities that immediately bind you to them. Over a period of time, something else occurs which shows blatant forms of what is called emotional and psychic vampirism. The relationship that was formed on the basis of those zingy, tingly, warm, and fuzzy feelings in your body that heightened your senses and made you feel more alive, takes the form of a high drama; a supernatural connection that feels endlessly being interfered with. This interference hijacking or disrupting the harmonious sacred love connection for some other purpose.

I am going to write in detail about these ‘paranormal interferences’ in my next blog. Please leave your comments. They are my inspiration.

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