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Unrequited Love and Twin Flames

Unrequited Love and Twin Flames.

Paranormal interference in a relationship sometimes comes in the form of a definite entity, like an extra-marital affair, where the third person sweeps your partner off his/her feet and compels them to cheat. I have written about this in detail in my blog Paranormal Interference in Unrequited Love. The presence of this form is witnessed by one or both partners and leads the relationship to the point of no return, forming a base for unrequited love. This interference surrounds the relationship itself, and yet remains unseen. However, there is a clear sense of falling apart of the relationship in a perverse kind of theatrical drama. The ‘love-bite’ kind of Cupid love connection hurts the lovers in ways that defy rational explanation.

Twin Flames

Studies have shown that there are some ‘other dimensional forces’ which seek to destroy sacred, true love. If they are successful in doing this, a strong love bond can turn into an unrequited love relationship. When a meeting is going to lead to the consummation of twin flame relationships, these forces are especially active. Sexuality plays a very important role in sacred love and the alchemical transformation of human energies. As I have mentioned in my blog Unrequited Love and Soulmate Cultivation, your relationship is a third entity. It has a life of its own. This is the main reason why unrequited or one-way love can never be fulfilling. Evolving in a relationship requires two bodies and minds to meditate together, into each other. This meditation is the sexual union of two individuals. The space where you experience fulfilment of the deepest needs of intimacy, deep nurturing into an expansive state of Consciousness. Some cultures in India for example, believe that the entire purpose of life is to unite with one’s twin flame.

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In Taoist Chi Gong there are internal and external alchemical sexual practices for the purpose of immortality and greater spiritual awareness. In ancient Greek culture the Hieros Gamos is a similar mystical union between twin flame souls, that results in transformation and enlightenment. In general, all of these practices require true love and sexual union as an essential part of transformation to higher consciousness. It is important for unrequited lovers to notice that none of these cultures is able to bring about transformation of an individual to higher consciousness when they are in unreturned or one-way love.

Many lovers wonder why it takes so long to get over a twin flame relationship, even if it was short lived. Some think that their love is being manipulated or deliberately oppressed by dark spiritual forces. This kind of experience has mostly been felt by a couple in true twin flame connection, where they have been unable to consummate their love due to these forces. It feels as if the couple, or one partner is being held hostage because of the way they suddenly switch off. Like some predatory entities were manipulating them to reject the true love union. This kind of switching off is called twin flame runner syndrome. It is difficult though, to scientifically prove the existence of any of these, and I wonder if the therapists of these unusual soulmate connections would know how to handle what may be going on behind the scenes.

Is there a scope for these relationships to be saved and changed into blissful, harmonious and powerful unions?

Compassionate communication based on gender understandings is immensely helpful in saving a relationship. There truly are a lot of paranormally influenced love connections, and there are also healing therapies to help them. Some experts claim to have knowledge of psychological and paranormal intervention strategies to help the broken or hurt unrequited lovers heal from these bafflingly painful and extraordinary relationships.

Knowledge is power, all of us know this. But there is something else even greater, and that is sacred love. Protect, value and nurture your sacred love above all things. All of what I have written about the existence of paranormal interference in and its impact on soulmate and twin flame relationships, is truly a mystery. But I do believe that being aware of a possibility of this interference into our most intimate relationships, gives us a choice to be careful instead of being powerless!

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