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Lovable You in Unrequited Love

Lovable You in Unrequited Love.

Unrequited love is a difficult situation. Yep, it can hurt something terrible. That, however, is no excuse to lose your sense of humor! As discussed in my blog Encouraging Self in Unrequited Love, a timeless, shameless classic in the world of movies contains the catchy refrain: “Always look on the bright side of life!” Even if you have no idea which movie I am talking about, just consider staying focused on the lighter side of life. Make time for fun.

In this series, I am writing about ways to get over unrequited love and my next advice is –  focus on today. You cannot move forward if you are constantly looking back at bad experience from the past or constantly thinking about or imagining a rosy future. Life is what’s happening to you now. Right here. And that’s a fact. Face this fact and live today! Present hurts when you are a victim of unrequited love, I know, but it is an important step that needs to be taken if you want to get hold of your life.

Get your focus back on what is really important to you because they bring you joy here and now. Reconnect with your passions, values, and beliefs and ignite your dreams and goals. Your life has probably been on hold for a while now, you have likely become stagnant and lost sight of those things that provided inspiration and motivation. In fact, in all honesty, you have probably lost sight of yourself, of who you are, because you have only been consumed with someone else. You may think and believe that your life is meaningless without the object of your desire, but you must let go of that belief and take control of your thoughts. The best relationship that you can have is your relationship with yourself. If you must imagine a future, imagine a future without the object of your one-way love. Which brings me to my next advice-

Know your worth

You do not need anyone to validate you. Not your parents, nor your co-workers, not your friends and not your lover. Your worth is not dependent on another. Your value is not based on external factors. It is built into you. Self-esteem comes from within you. You are valuable and unique, no matter what. You always have been and you always will be. No one can take that away. Ever.

Take a little time for some self-discovery and get reacquainted with YOU!


When you start to realize who you really are, you also begin to realize all that you have to offer. Which is a lot! You remember how important and lovable you are. Then you start living life with a sense of mission. The mission of being true to yourself and working toward becoming all you were meant to be! Self-realization or self-actualization is for you, too!

This might sound off the subject, but it is my personal experience and I wanted to share it here – meditation or how to go on inner journeys or how to use a method for letting go of undesirable feelings, thoughts, etc. are helpful techniques. Learn to let go of all the bitterness (if any) that unrequited love has built up inside you. Let go of the anger as well as any sense of hopelessness or discouragement you may have about your future. The continuity of spiritual life is timeless. While everyone has a different belief about reincarnation, it is also a common belief that the soul chooses to re-embody into a physical dimension for further expression. As discussed in my blog More About Karma of Choice, according to Hindu mythology, unless one soul has become completely clear of the past Karma, it will keep re-embodying itself to achieve Moksha. In every new situation, it will attract the relevant cause and effect pattern that it has set up in the past. Now that you know this, know also that the pain that you have felt in unreturned love was meant to be, in order to make you Karma clear. Now, after you have lived your share of pain and when you are ready, another love will follow, and soon!

I have faith in your ability to get over and get moving. Sending love for a happy relationship!

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