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Take Time in Unrequited Love

Take Time in Unrequited Love.

When you find yourself lost in unrequited love, take a little time for some self-discovery and get reacquainted with your true self!

When you start to realize who you really are, you also begin to realize all that you have to offer. Which is a lot! You remember how important and lovable you are. Then you start living life with a sense of mission. The mission of being true to yourself and working toward becoming all you were meant to be! Self-realization or self-actualization is for you, too! Read more about this in my blog Lovable You in Unrequited Love.

In this series, I am writing about ways to get over unrequited love and my next advice is –  use your imagination. Imagine how good it would feel to be able to meet this person like a friend and spend some happy moments together, if only you were able to keep aside the feeling that cannot be reciprocated. Or how nice it would be, to talk about this person without all those old feelings resurfacing, when you can detach yourself from the situation and be able to view it as an opportunity to grow and change. If this sounds exciting, here’s what to do:

  • Consider alternate possibilities for your future. In your mind, imagine yourself forward six months, a year, or even five years, and then look back to the present from this vantage point. You will be able to once again embrace life and all it has to offer, by creating new scenarios and exciting possibilities that can give you hope of a better tomorrow.
  • Start imagining freedom. Freedom of thought, where you are free to feel for this person in a way that is not hurtful. To be able to choose whether or not you want to think about this person –to have control of your thoughts rather than them controlling you?

Realize the power of these small exercises. Don’t underestimate your imagination. It is an extremely powerful tool.


Personal Development Journal

I have always believed in the power of writing. Writing to keep records is one way to remember what you did, where you went wrong, what hurt the most etc. The personal development journal is a great tool to gain increased control over your life and make better, more productive choices by understanding yourself and your life. The journal allows you to express thoughts that you wouldn’t tell others, which vents or release emotions that are otherwise piled up within. It will also help you monitor your progress and easily identify areas that you would like change.

Take Time

Falling out of love overnight is neither possible nor expected. As mentioned in my blog Releasing Unrequited Love Cords, sudden cut-off, just randomly cutting cords with someone causes more harm than good. A conscious awareness and respect for the process is required for any healing process to be successful. Learning how to adapt with the cords and working with them is helpful. Certain methods have been helpful in successfully cutting cords, ensuring smooth exit from a situation or relationship and offering opportunity to heal the underlying issues.

In many cases, you will grieve like someone who is experiencing the loss of a relationship and only time will heal the wounds and change your perspective. At first, you will have to make constant effort to refocus your energies by controlling your thoughts from wandering to that one person, but eventually this will become easier.


In spite of being hurt and lonely, remain positive. Unrequited love can often lead to rage, bitterness and anger. These will most certainly make you a very unhappy person and not very nice to be with, either. While the person that your heart longs for day and night continues to live his or her life uninterrupted and happy (of course, without you), you are mired in misery and robbing yourself of joy. Not a good idea. Start consciously maintaining a positive attitude instead. Understand that you cannot control the circumstances that you face, but you can choose how you react to them. Positive experiences from a seemingly negative situation come only form a positive approach.

Sending love for a happy relationship!

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