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Karmic Lessons in Unrequited Love

Karmic Lessons in Unrequited Love – Are Karmic Relationships One-Sided?

Are Karmic Relationships One-Sided? – One of the most confusing aspects of karmic relationships is we can easily mistake them for a soulmate because it feels like we’ve known them all our lives. The truth is, you might have known these people in a not-so-good way. For example, someone who had betrayed and raped you in your past life, that lead to your death. You feel like you’ve known him before because you have: in another lifetime. To balance the karma between you, you have a soul contract with each other to meet in this lifetime. So, don’t count on this guy sticking around. And don’t cry for him. You might not even love him as much, if you knew exactly what he did to you in another life! He’s not the one you’re going to marry. As I have said in my blog Your Karma in Unrequited Love, you will most likely end up sleeping with his best friend and betraying him just as he did to you in a previous lifetime. What goes around, comes around. And it works the other way as well.

I did not become a preacher overnight. I have had my own set of heartbreaks, unrequited love, phases of extreme lows, depression, isolation, standing up again, and being betrayed again. However, today I believe that in some other lifetime, I had wronged all those people in some way. They came in my life again to settle the karma cycle. They hurt me back, cleared the karma and left. Besides that, they also taught me some lessons- to not be too trusting, to learn to love with detachment, to look for fulfilment within myself, etc. If you read my previous posts, you will find them full of these lessons that I have shared for others to benefit. I have learnt to be careful who I let into my life. All that glitters is not always gold.

I personally found the process of cutting the energetic cords quite helpful. This is a spiritual process of getting rid of the forces that bind us with people who were not particularly good for our lives, so the karma between us would be finished.

Are Karmic Relationships One-Sided

There is no way that you can stop the universe from throwing these shitty one-sided relationships at you. However, you can learn your lessons and save yourself the pain. I used to complain about attracting only those men who were eventually not going to be available for me. Today I understand, the reason for that was the universe was trying to teach me a lesson about being co-dependent. I would lose myself in my relationships and make it solely about the other person, which is wrong.

Being in a relationship with someone who is totally all about him/herself is a problem in itself. When we are weak within, such people find it easy to attract us as a partner because we are weak and they are strong within. This leads to a perfectly dysfunctional karmic match! So, to learn my lesson about giving too much of myself, the universe had to beat me over the head by sending several uncaring and unavailable people my way.

If you see yourself constantly attracting a specific type of (useless) person in life, there’s probably a lesson to be learned. Once you learn the lesson, the spell breaks, and you become free. But learning the lesson is difficult. It usually takes time and several karmic relationships to do it.

If you want to attract good people into your life to have healthy relationships, you have to be healthy yourself. When you are of strong mind, body, and soul, you attract others who are. That’s how it works! Only you can break your relationship patterns. If you’re damaged, you will attract damaged partners. If you don’t love yourself, you will only meet people who don’t love you, or are incapable of showing you their love. In the Law of Attraction, it is believed that ‘Like attracts like. Lack attracts lack.’

If you’re sick of Karmic Relationships One-Sidedand want a commitment that’s lasting and solid, start by loving yourself. Then, start making a journal of your relationship patterns-how you find people, what attracts you to them, how you get closer to them, how you express love etc. Once you start recognizing the repeating themes in your relationships, you will see the lessons. And learning the lessons are half the battle.

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