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Cutting Cords in Unrequited Love

Cutting Cords in Unrequited Love.

When we say ‘cutting cords’ in unrequited love, it does not mean you don’t love or care about the person anymore. It implies releasing the dysfunctional parts of your relationship, instead of breaking up with or abandoning your partner. It is important to note that apathy is the opposite of love, and if you feel apathy from your partner, it is time to let go of the attachment. As we discussed in my blog Relationships and Spirituality, the individuals that reach higher levels of consciousness, never feel the need for someone to love them. There is no reason for them to feel that they are alone. They feel blessed in solitude and realize that their life doesn’t require a particular person to keep them happy or make them complete. Remember, you are not alone, you are bonded to the Universe that lies within you.

Positive and Negative Cords

Cords are made of etheric and astral energy and connect the subtle bodies of lovers. They stretch between them like an umbilical cord and perform the function of transferring emotional energy between the two. Even if you are far away from each other, the cords continue to transfer energy, as they are not a physical substance; they are effective even from a distance.

Human beings share energy and communicate with each other through emotional cords. Healthy cords nurture a relationship and both individuals involved in it. Unhealthy cords drain the individuals emotionally or act as a means of control. Cords are normally formed and exist by mutual agreement, but in some relationships, especially incomplete relationships like unrequited love, these cords are almost persuaded by the lover, tricked, or forced to be formed by their emotions. These cords are harmlessly and involuntarily created by the lovers, but mostly outlive their usefulness. For example, a cord may have been very important when you were getting to know your beloved, but now, when you are friends, it is no longer useful, but the cord is still there and your changing feelings are leading to emotional draining due to the existence of these cords. At the point when your feelings in a relationship are not shared, the outcome can be excruciating for both of you, particularly for the person who is more dedicated to the relationship. My extensive research on the subject leads me to believe that every unrequited lover is capable of finding someone to love them back, however, there are reasons why some of them remain in one-way love or fall in love with unavailable love objects and the existence of ethereal cords is one of them. You may read about this in detail in my blog Why Unrequited Love.

Telepathic cords can be an energetic link between two persons. True soulmates have often felt this kind of cords binding them, when one person knows what the other is going to say, while the other is still thinking about it. A cord usually doesn’t last longer and is meant to dissipate within a few days or even hours. It is interesting to notice that nature has given us an example of cutting the cords soon, in the birth of a child and immediate cutting of the umbilical cord, yet, every individual, knowingly or unknowingly, at least once in a lifetime, holds on to a certain cord by constantly thinking about someone in particular, and brings about imbalance in relationships. Cords are not necessarily bad, however, holding on to them will drain you and make you feel bad for no reason.

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The surge of energy when you connect with someone special, is the energy cords showing their effect. Depending upon the circumstances and openness of an individual to the feeling, these cords show their effect. They are easily suppressed by individuals who are deeply connected with their higher self. However, as we are discussing unrequited love here, the flow of energy through these cords when an unrequited lover comes in contact with the object of love is immense and uncontrollable. If the unrequited lovers were able to understand the existence and effects of these cords on them, the process would still happen, but they would be able to shut down their awareness of it.

From a spiritual perspective you might have a ‘past life’ connection with your beloved, which makes them feel incredibly familiar and your heart unknowingly goes out to them. This involuntary clinging onto a past life blocks the growth of your soul in this life. I have written about this in my blog The Spiritual Gifts of Unrequited Love. In order to be able to cut the cord, you need to claim your power back, snap out of the spell and rescue yourself.  Go on and attract real love. Once you have rescued yourself, you will be astonished at looking back to your own behaviour in the past. You will then see the object of your love as an ordinary person and not a God.

I am going to write more on this subject in my future blogs. Please share your experiences in the comments section and do keep coming back to learn more about cords and their conditioning.

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