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Internal Karma

Internal Karma.

In my previous blog More About Unrequited Love and Karma, I have written about the importance of making peace with yourself when you are or have been in unrequited love, in order to become Karma clear and be ready for a relationship in the future. When you’ve been hurt, there’s a Karma there, but the Karma is always with yourself. It’s not with the other person. The Karma centre lies within you. The only way to make peace with agony of the past is to make peace with yourself. Once you’ve managed to do that, you’re clear, it’s that simple!

Restore yourself mentally; even if it means taking therapy. Get rid of the love you feel for another person mentally. It often requires talking it out and acknowledging it. The therapist is mostly going to make you talk until it gets boring. Read about Hypnotherapy. It helps.

Find the side of you, within you, that’s your guide, your higher self. It will tell you this is not how it wants to see you. It knows this love is never going to be reciprocated and keeps reminding you how emotionally weak and vulnerable it is making you. When your love has gotten hold of your life, when there is a lot of crying, screaming, there’s denial of facts and emotions. When you know you have cried every day for months, this guide within you will know that you are in denial, you don’t want to accept facts. It’s the same when you’re a drug addict, like I said in my blog Obsession or Addiction?, unrequited love is actually a form of addiction. You will be lost in longing and you mistake it for love.  It becomes habitual and lurks behind everything, taints every moment of joy and happiness that could be yours only if you were brave enough to get over it. You must get over that denial, accept the facts and process the emotions.

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When you have cut off the physical, undergone therapy with the mental, and overcome the emotional, the spiritual bond finally breaks. Spiritually, as long as you have an unprocessed relationship, the connection exists. I have written about this in my blog Unrequited Love and Karma. Today, when relationships are formed and broken so frequently, you will need to work hard to become Karma clear after a relationship has ended. This will be a time when you don’t have mental, spiritual, physical or emotional attachment elsewhere. Until the spiritual bond is broken, a new relationship will not work, and you may not even know why. Karma dictates what goes around comes around. If it bothers you to see your ex form a relationship with someone else, then you’re not being spiritually or emotionally loyal to your current love. Essentially, Karma clear people have processed their past relationships, realised their relationship with their own self and become a stable vehicle for a new person who, hopefully, is Karma clear.

Some of us are always trying to analyze our relationships. While doing so, know that if you are with a person that is not Karma clear, or if you are not Karma clear yourself, you have no one to blame. If you are the one, the best test for you is the trial of loneliness. Do not smash other people’s life.

Astrology is another way to identify susceptibilities, loyalty and Karma in a relationship; for you or your beloved. Research reports and compatibility charts provide an insight for personal interactions, and where the benefit and stress exists for the two of you. When the physical, spiritual and emotional bond between two people is not stable, weaker relationships are formed. This creates an imbalance due to the interference of Karma.

People with low self-love and low levels of self-realization seek love outside themselves. I say this for all the unrequited lovers – it is absolutely fine to love good people and good things, but never at the cost of your own self. If you place love outside yourself, you are opening up to that vacuum, the need to be addicted and obsessed with things or people outside your own self.

Remember, you are the sum total of all consciousness, of all love vibration in this Universe that holds you. I am going to write more about this in my next blog. Your comments on this article or on the subject are welcome!

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