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The Karma of Choice

The Karma of Choice.

If you have read my blog Unrequited Love and Karma, you would understand the concept of Karma in unrequited love relationships. If you are single and haven’t met someone who would occupy a special place in your heart, it is because you are yet to meet a Karma clear person. On the other hand, if you are in unrequited, unreciprocated love, there is a possibility that either one of you is not Karma clear. The concept of Karma is actually becoming a bit trendy in today’s world. Everyone wants to know, for example, who they were in their past life.

On a serious note, we truly need to understand what Karma actually is, in the full perspective of life, in order to understand our choice of Karma and find our true love in life. Karma is nature’s law of cause and effect. Call it action and reaction or causes and consequences – it’s all Karma. There is a reason for everything in life; even with falling in love and finding out that it is going to remain unrequited. Whenever you find yourself madly in love with someone who doesn’t feel the same for you, know that this is happening for a reason. All that happens in our lives and relationships has a reason associated with it. It is the outworking of cause and effect, and the consequences that follow. You would remember reading “history repeats itself”. It is probably history that is repeating itself. You are living it right now.

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Why is this so? This is because past is working out through the present. The past is reflected in your present time. If particular patterns continue to be repeated, watch out for the same effects, as cause and effect is perpetuated. In other words, Karma is returning to you the effects, of the causes you have set in motion. So historically, remember that you will be forced to ‘face yourself’ as your returning Karma presents itself to you. As I have written in my blog Relationships and Karma, the relationships you have today are the ballpark of Karma. What you have sent out in this Universe as love, sex, and commitment will most certainly come back to you.  This is Karma’s way of teaching you from our own creations, making you learn from direct experience, and without academic study or learning. Experience brings understanding, which is always more valuable than simply academic knowledge.

The essence of a spiritual soul is timeless. The physical body is simply the vehicle for the expression of your spirit. It is the physical body that falls in love with the wrong person and gets hurt when the feeling is not reciprocated. However, the conscious mind cannot remember everything that has ever happened throughout time, because the conscious mind is finite. It is the soul that carries these experiences to your future. The pleasure of lovemaking, the pain of betrayal; these form a Karmic connection between two individuals and this connection remains with you, until you work towards becoming Karma clear. In my blog Unrequited Love and Karma, I have written how, today, when relationships are formed and broken so frequently, you will need to work hard to become Karma clear after a relationship has ended. This will be a time when you don’t have mental, spiritual, physical or emotional attachment elsewhere. Until the spiritual bond is broken, a new relationship will not work, and you may not even know why.

Essentially, your conscious mind cannot remember or define infinity. The conscious mind is fit for studying, analyzing and recording data. Your soul is the carrier of spiritual bonds and it is the soul that will need healing after a spiritual bond has been broken. As I have written in my blog Internal Karma, when you have cut off physical (connection), undergone therapy with the mental (memories), and overcome the emotional (pain), the spiritual bond finally breaks. Spiritually, as long as you have an unprocessed relationship, the connection exists.

In order to understand the timeless memory of experiences and reach where it is stored, in the repository of your soul, you need to do some soul searching. This is where all experiences are recorded. You can become aware of this realm and get access to this through meditation. Calming of the five senses is essential to reach the neutral point of the essence of your being, to understand how Karma is following you and where it is leading you. In this space lies the higher vibrational field of your soul memory.

I am going to write more about this in my next blog. Please share your experiences in the comments section and I will add them in my future posts.

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