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How to Make Anyone Fall In Love With You

Our minds are fascinating places, they also are susceptible to little psychological tricks that can be used by anyone if they know what they are. What if you want someone to notice you, what are some things you can be doing to show them, what a great person you are, so they fall for you in no time at all?

Well, if you look at psychology there are obvious and not-so-obvious tips so here are some tips that can make anyone fall for you.

  1. Mirror your partner.
Mirror your partner image

Have you heard of the chameleon effect? The champion effect is more focus on how we mimic others subconsciously to get them to like us or relate to us. It’s sort of how we try to fit in per se. 

People love people similar to them, so if you are like them in their movement they may start subconsciously thinking you two are alike. Mimicking the other person’s gesture will likely get them to think of you as similar to them as long as you’re not doing it too much or too obviously.

  1.  Actually spend time with your partner.
Actually spend time with your partner image

This Is as old school as it gets, but there is some psychological research backing this obviously, especially if you have a crush on someone in a class or at work, it’s what psychologists call the mere exposure effect. People prefer others if they are familiar with them even if you don’t do something interesting or say something totally fascinating. 

The exposure effect is where people find themselves preferring others or something simply because they developed familiarity with them. When a person is repeatedly exposed to a certain stimuli, that person develops familiarity with the stimuli and therefore proposes its presence. This is why certain products and ads are constantly being rejected during your favorite program in commercial break. The more familiar you are with something, the more you start to notice it.

  1.  Show you are capable and intelligent but still human.
Show you are capable and intelligent but still human Image

Did you know that surprisingly most people don’t like someone who is perfect? Why you may ask? Well, people get intimidated by those who apparently come across as too perfect. A researcher from the University of Texas found that if you make some mistakes, but show that you are intelligent, it may make others see you as more attractive. 

In this study, researcher Elliot Aronson, had people rate fake test takers based on their attractiveness. Test takers would either do great on a test, mediocre or poorly. Now some test takers would act clumsy, and spill coffee at the end of an interview, after these scores were revealed. 

People rated the test takers who spill coffee at the end of the interview the highest on the attractiveness scale. Meaning people want to see you are intelligent and capable, but that you aren’t perfect. We want to see your human side.

  1. Show your positive side.
Show your positive side image

People enjoy being around people who are happy. If someone’s encounters with you are mostly positive they will start to associate positive emotions with you, and might even fall for you. The thing is if someone is happy and sticks to that emotion, others around them will start feeling better as well.

A research paper from the University of Hawaii and Ohio State University suggests that many individuals can unconsciously tell what mood you are in just by being around you. Seems fair right? So if you are in a good mood, emit that energy and bring out your positive side.

  1. Wear Red.
Wear Red image

In an experiment published by European journal of social psychology, researchers found men are more likely to be attracted to the color red on women. In the experiment, men were tasked with asking questions to women. Women quilted in red and women clothed in blue. 

The Men chose to ask the woman in red. In the second experiment,men choose to sit closer to women in red versus the Women in blue. As the research paper states, research shows for the first time that color influences men’s behavior towards women in a romantic realm.

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