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The Sad Reality of One-Sided Love.

When you are in intense love with someone when you are in head over heels for that person, and she or he does not reciprocate in the same way, yet you are obstinately passionate about that person. That is one-sided love.

One sided love

There is a good chunk of people out there who are going through the same misery, but the question is how come an innate selfish human being who would not even take a step forward if it is not for that fictional force we get in return which makes us go ahead can be so generous in case of love can be so munificent when it comes to his or her beloved, why do you shower so much of love to that person who does not even bother to through back a single drop of it, how can the basic intrinsic human traits get scute in the gamut of Love.

Well here is the truth, it never got screwed it never got distorted, we are still selfish being, there is a kind of sick pleasure we get in one sided love, there is a kind of beautiful pain we get in the person abstraining from us, there is a sweet affliction in her ignorance, we don’t want to possess our beloved, this is what love is not about.

One sided Love

You know that the human brain is one of the most powerful things in the world and yet there is something very simple it can’t differentiate between- simulation and reality. We take our dreams in the night as the real, we get afraid, we get excited, we get sad unless we don’t get overwhelmed enough to open our eyes.

We are a practical species, and when wd think of love, it is normal to focus on the sort that goes places, that is mutual, that leads people to form couples, and perhaps one day households. But the more peculiar reality is that the greatest share of humanity’s love stories have unfolded in the directionless form in the recesses of the mind of only one party. It seems that we are- in aggregate at least – committed first and foremost to the unrequited version of love.

One sided love

At any point, millions of love stories are quietly being spun by one person while the object of their adoration goes about their business blithely unconcerned. Someone watches someone else on a train, casts surreptitious glances at a delegate at a conference, carefully notes a fellow shopper’s manner in a grocery store – and the earth spins on undisturbed. Unrequited lovers are easy to dismiss as not far from pathetic. If we were better designed and a little saner, we would of course never develop feelings for people who were not prepared to develop them for us – nor squander our days on desires without logical or practical outcome. 

The ability to day dream is a significant human achievement.  Rather than wishing that we stop doing so, we should be worried by what might happen to us if we couldn’t daydream, if we were faced with the choice of either accepting reality in all its barrenness or else of barging into the lives of others with unwanted desires.

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Daydreaming is a vital and artful safety valve, mediating between resignation on one hand and uncontained effusions on the other. Along the way, one-sided love provides us with an occasion to exercise our aptitudes for optimism in a highly salutary way. After a few decades on the earth, it is not only too easy to start to hate our fellow humans for thier mediocrity, selfishness and idiocy. But with our beloved in mind we can for once give free rein to a boundless generosity that a parent or a newborn might deploy.

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