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Ways To Get Over Your Crush

They don’t call it a crush for no reason whether you were captivated by them at first glance or your feelings slowly grew out over time we have all been there. Sometimes it hurts too much to like them.

Maybe they are in a relationship with someone else or they just are not into you. So how are you able to move on from someone you like? 

Here are a few effective tips to stop liking your crush.

1. Stop romanticizing them.

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Once you see them for their flaws, the rose-tinted glasses come off. All it often takes is one bad day for the reality switch to turn on. Ask yourself, how likely are you to feel love towards them then? 

2. Reduce your interactions.

Reduce your interactions Image

Physical distance is key. It might seem impossible if you share classes together or work in the same environment but there is a will there’s a way. Don’t talk to them unless it’s absolutely necessary. If it makes you feel better, you can also block them from social media and delete their phone number. Psychologists recommend cutting all connections, especially if your crush was toxic. 

3. Vent to your family or friends.

Vent to your family or friends Image

Don’t let your negative emotions fester up inside you, instead let it out. Confide in a close loved one and tell them that you are hurting,  another perspective always helps which can help you work through your feelings, know that it’s okay to break. It’s only until you do so, that you can start to mend.

4. Self-reflect on the lessons.

Self-reflect on the lessons Image

When you’re ready to approach your feelings with a clear mind, think about what you can take from the experience. Journaling and blogging are excellent ways to self-reflect, ask yourself how you can recognize the dangers of infatuation. Remember just because you don’t have all the answers right away doesn’t mean you never will, give it time.

5. Find closure if you can.

Find closure if you can Image

Closure can help people reconstruct their life in a healthy and productive fashion. If possible seek it but be prepared to hear some things you don’t want to hear. There is a difference between finding closure and receiving ideal answers.

Once you reach your final conclusion, then you will no longer have to worry about the what-if’s and you will start to feel more at peace with yourself which prepares a new beginning.

6. Pick up new hobbies.

Pick up new hobbies Image

Keeping busy is a great way to prevent your Mind from stewing in heartache, whether that means starting a new job or learning a new skill, self-improvement can make you feel better. It’s a great way to build confidence and you will fall in love with your life again.

7. Don’t focus on your flaws

Don't focus on your flaws Image

It is easy to blame yourself after a rejection- “I am not attractive, funny or smart enough” are phrases you might tell yourself. Self-pity is the root of a thousand problems your mind will create and none of them will make the situation better. 

Make a list of what you like about yourself and repeat them like Mantras every day you wake up and look at yourself in the mirror. It’s important to recognize that this was a missed connection and that someone out there who is right for you exists.

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