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Experiencing Unattainable Love

Experiencing Unattainable Love.

At times, you experience a love connection with someone so strong, you start believing that this is your twin flame. Does this person arrive with a magical sense of reality, a super sexual chemistry, or a supernatural overtone? Perhaps it is a mystical connection on a deeper soul level. However, there is something dangerous about this kind of connection. The longing and passion build clear signs indicating that this is your soulmate. But once you get close, the passion may be unstoppable. Or worse, it may never be reciprocated. If the latter is the case with you, you are on the way to unattainable love.

Stop right there. Purge yourself of all thoughts that spoil your brain and make you build castles in the air. You are not being sensible in following unattainable love. I’ll listen when spoken to. I’ll go to bed earlier. I’ll go to bed later. I’ll go to church. I’ll stop going to church. I’ll pray. I’ll bargain with God. Dear Higher Power: If you make this person fall (back) in love with me, I’ll help the poor. I’ll devote myself to the eradication of world hunger. I’ll give my next paycheck to the church. I’ll join the Peace Corps. I’ll be quieter, thinner, happier. I won’t rock the boat. I’ll like the insufferable family and friends that I couldn’t stand. I’ll go back to school. I’ll stop going to school. I won’t complain so much. I’ll wear different clothes. I’ll buy a new car. I’ll get those allergy shots so I can be around that cat. I’ll work in a different industry. I’ll muzzle my kids. I’ll clean more. I’ll clean less. I’ll cook gourmet meals. I’ll do anything, anything, if only You make this person come back. I’ll be everything You want me to be or everything this person wants me to be. I’ll do it all. I’ll do nothing. I’ll be more. I’ll be less. I’ll be everything and anything other than what I’m being right now. I’ll turn myself inside out to be the person he or she will love. I can do it. I will do it. I’ll work with sick children, I’ll help the homeless…I’ll..


Forget about changing for someone else. Forget about bargaining for what you should have without bribing a Higher Power. Forget about changing your whole life just so someone who doesn’t appreciate you and your worth will love you. Forget it! Stop making promises to a Supreme Being to become a saint if only you win your love back. Forget about following unattainable love. It’s time to go back to acceptance and doing nothing to get them back. Right now, it’s time to reject the rejecter.

Yes, there might be things that need improvement but it is a lovable, worthwhile person who is willing to look at those things and change them. If you continue to love someone who doesn’t want you, is committed to someone else, or doesn’t even know about your existence, you are asking for unattainable love to happen to you. You are inviting trouble. The first thing you need to do is to control your feelings. Taking matters in stride by telling yourself that you can handle the situation. You can get over this. And if this person does not value all that you are and all that you can be, there is only one sentiment that makes sense: reject the rejecter.

If you have been reading my previous articles on the subject, by now you have a broad understanding of the subject. Now, it is time to reject the notion that you are expendable. To reject instead of being rejected. If someone’s rejection has led you to believe you’re not worthwhile, that person is not worth your feelings; because is not true! Nobody should get to decide your wort, except you! And whatever your beloved fails to see is not your problem.

You don’t want someone who finds you optional. You don’t want someone who doesn’t appreciate how great you are. You don’t want to waste time with anyone who doesn’t see how great you are or has to be convinced of it. Instead, you will feel complete only with someone who believes you are the be-all, end-all. You want someone with vision who will appreciate all that you are and all that you can be. You want someone who will love you and think you are the best thing ever.

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