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Evident Unrequited Love

Evident Unrequited Love.

When an individual is afraid to let go of another person, situation or object, when there is intense attachment, or when a person is scared of being alone or without, etheric cords form between that individual and the other person, situation or object. We often find religious gurus and frauds who claim to have an understanding of these cords and the ability to rescue you from your problems by helping you get rid of them. What is important to understand is that your own higher self can help you get rid of these cords. Finding love in someone who doesn’t want to reciprocate the feeling is looking beyond the universe, because everything is within you. The best relationship is your relationship with yourself. The best experiences in life manifest with the highest levels of self-love and self-esteem. Because you are the Universe, you are the world, just start looking right within your heart.

Ultimately no one, I repeat no one can ever know the pain that you are going through. Only you will be facing the consequences of your stand and decision. After all, consciously or subconsciously, you were the one to have brought this on yourself. While it is always easier to give advice than take it, it is equally difficult to see the red flags in unrequited love while we are really quick at locating them in other people’s lives and telling them “I told you so”. To be nakedly honest at least with yourself is vital. Being willing to hear the voice of your higher self, is to come to terms with reality, and reality is absolute, it has no other way but to be true! When you realise the inter-connectedness of apparent opposites – life and death, separation and love, , relationship & aloneness, you will know what I mean when I say that separation deepens love; being alone brings the true value of future relationships.

Unrequited love is a powerful fuel for bringing to life many karmic relationships. I remember once, a married friend began experiencing intense attraction to a man she had to be in the presence of each day while at work. At that time, a spiritual guru had instructed her to remain faithful to her husband, so that their relationship could go deeper into intimacy. So, when you are hurting in unrequited love, sit back and think, do you love the person or all that he/does to your hormones. Honestly, there is no shame in accepting that a lot of us, especially the male gender, mistakes physical attraction for love. If you think about it, given another girl as hot as your current crush, and ready to mingle, would you still be sitting alone and hurting over this unrequited love? Think!

As I have written in my article Benefits of Unrequited Love, the ‘bad phase’ of your life also gives your friends and family a chance to show you how much they care. While they’re trying everything to get you out of the mess, your relationships with each of them are growing stronger. If neglected by friends and family, a rejected individual loses the willingness to make the efforts and sacrifices to change their behaviour according to the prescriptions of others. Certainly, there is ample evidence that people who do not gather themselves after rejection end up being excluded by others. Their friends eventually dump them, their employers fire them, and in serious cases society expels them because low self-control may be lead to some kind of criminality. Conversely, it has also been found that acceptance of friends and family helps unrequited lovers in handling the situation.

The greatest strength that is expressed through an individual is ‘Connection’. What you spontaneously and effortlessly connect with is what really matters in life. Connecting with an idea, with possibilities, connecting with people, and above all, connecting to the beauty that lies within you. When you start making a connection with yourself, you realise that there is much more to you than this relationship that is holding you back from discovering the actual you. Separation may seem truly painful at times and not so painful at other times. It is because of the constant fight between intensities and beliefs of the visible you and the actual you. The deeper you connect with yourself, the clearer you will be able to see what you really want.

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