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Etheric Cords in Unrequited Love

Etheric Cords in Unrequited Love.

Cords are made of etheric and astral energy and connect the subtle bodies of lovers. As I have discussed in my blog Cutting Cords in Unrequited Love, they stretch between them like an umbilical cord and perform the function of transferring emotional energy between the two. Even if you are far away from each other, the cords continue to transfer energy, as they are not a physical substance; they are effective even from a distance.

When an individual is afraid to let go of another person, situation or object, when there is intense attachment, or when a person is scared of being alone or without, etheric cords form between that individual and the other person, situation or object. As discussed before, these cords are basically energy links formed by the energy that the individual spends in thinking about ways to hold on. In our everyday lives, we cord with people and things around us and let others cord with us. These cords are short-lived and mostly dissolve soon after forming. However, there are certain cords that last longer because they are stronger, due to the intensity of energy and emotions that are put into them through long-term relationships, unrequited relationships, or feelings like desire, hatred, need, jealousy, love, and envy. The longer these cords are held on to, the more problems they cause. Some problems that we often complain about are a result of these cords, namely, depression, rage, exhaustion etc.

While most unrequited lovers are not even aware of the existence or strength of the cords that they are involuntarily forming with their beloved, and how the cords are emotionally draining them, the ones who are aware of them can only vaguely describe their experience. There are few lovers who are actually sensible enough to understand the phenomenon, but they mostly do not want to acknowledge and talk about it. We often find religious gurus and frauds who claim to have an understanding of these cords and the ability to rescue you from your problems by helping you get rid of them. What is important to understand is that your own higher self can help you get rid of these cords. You just need to connect better with yourself, instead of letting someone else fool you into it. As I have written in my blog Relationships and Spirituality, there is nothing else, nothing more beyond you, in the spiritual world. In this dimension, remember that the entire Universe is an illusion. In truth, you need to set your consciousness a bit higher, we are love, we are light and we are one. Love and light are all there is. So whenever you are on a mission to seek outside yourself what you think you lack, you are really missing the boat. Finding love in someone who doesn’t want to reciprocate the feeling is looking beyond the universe, because everything is within you. The best relationship is your relationship with yourself. The best experiences in life manifest with the highest levels of self-love and self-esteem. Because you are the Universe, you are the world, just start looking right within your heart.

Healthy cords are a necessity, like a baby’s cord with its parents that helps the parents understand and communicate with the baby. These cords are positive and naturally dissolve with time, like when the child grows and does not require the parents to care for him anymore. On the other hand, negative cords transfer both positive and negative energies between individuals. So there may be times when you feel angry or depressed but cannot understand why.

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An individual’s need for love, control or strength leads to the formation of cords at a subconscious level. When you are trying to move on in unrequited love or from a soured relationship, you often find it difficult to let go. This happens when either you or the other person involved is holding you back through their etheric cords. A couple going through a divorce may be feeding their anger, stress, and insecurity to the other person and vice versa. In doing this, without realising it, parents also create problems for their children by feeding these emotions to them every day.

Cutting Cords

It has been discovered that sudden cut-off, just randomly cutting cords causes more harm than good. A conscious awareness and respect for the process is required for any healing process to be successful. Learning how to adapt with the cords and working with them is helpful. I have always believed that if we are operating on an entirely conscious level, we have a choice to not become attached to unhealthy cords. Also, I have always said that the first step is the most difficult to take, but once you have taken it, you are a step closer to happiness and freedom.

So, the first step here is to take a break from being around the concerned person; given the intensity of the energy that flows between the two of you. In my next blog I am going to write about ways to release cords gently and lovingly.

I believe in your ability to find the right person to love! Sending light to you for a beautiful relationship.

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