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Unrequited Love Will Fade Away

Unrequited Love Will Fade Away.

To hope is to risk pain. To love is to risk not being loved in return. To try is to risk failure. While all of us are aware of this, the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing, therefore risk must be taken. This is applicable even in relationships. Everyone has fallen in love at least once in life, so all of know the pain of love. However, there is one more pain associated with loving someone and that is the pain of rejection; the pain of not being loved in return.

If you are the one who fell and fell hard, there is nearly nothing worse than unrequited love. Things may seem grim, I’m not going to lie, and it feels like the world just tipped off of its axis and sent you hurdling, but there is hope and there is healing, after the pain. We have all felt it before, that hole in our chest that seethes with pain as you realize the object of your affection, the one you’ve bared your heart and soul to, does not return the feeling.

Even in relationships when both the individuals are crazy about each other, as time goes on, most relationships start heating up. As the relationship progresses, lovers graduated from a sexy secret romance to the obligatory family gatherings and holidays. From making-out like teenagers on the sofa to squeezing in short vacations wherever possible, the relationship goes down to not talking to each other for days and sometimes even to separation. Months turn to years and they continue to live their lives, together but separate, in the respect that they keep separate homes. Sometimes they even love each other, but loving each other is quite different from “being IN love with each other”. When your partner falls out of love, your heart hits the floor as the bottom drops out of your world and sends you reeling.

If any of this sounds even a little familiar, I am sure you must have been a deep pit of despair filled mostly with self-loathing and anger, when it happened. You feel rejected and cheated after having spent so many years with this partner. It almost feels like all this time was wasted. To have your world come crashing down in one dramatic thud. Anyone who has had their heart broken, knows that eventually, you must pick up the pieces of your broken heart, come to terms with the reality and move on.

Every break-up, every broken relationship and every rejection or one-sided relationship requires some time and a lot of effort to forget and get-over from. Burn the t-shirt he gave you to sleep in that smells like him, throw out or donate that great big stuffed bear he won you at the amusement park. Guys are notorious in coming back. They don’t want a girl, but they don’t want to let her go either, so they keep her dangling at the end of a string with sympathy phone calls, asking you if you are doing well Don’t fall for it. You’re too smart and too good for him.

The best way to get over this is to indulge in a hobby. Find a photography class or a drawing class, if it interests you. Find something that is all yours and embrace it. Volunteer at the animal shelter or at your local elementary school. Not only will it help fill your time and keep you from moping, but you just might meet some cool people along the way.

Do something that will make you feel like the gorgeous and sexy woman that you are, instead of feeling like a discarded old newspaper. Get your friends together for a spa day or a night out.

Don’t jump back into the saddle right away. Take time to get over the loss. Give your heart time to heal before venturing back out into the dating scene.

Don’t let a failed relationship discourage you from trying again. No matter what you do, always remember that each ended relationship is not a regret, it’s a learning experience. Take from it what you need, say goodbye and move on with your life. Eventually you’ll find the one who was worth all the lessons you have learned and all the risks you have taken and the pain from all the past failed relationships will fade into a distant memory.

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