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Unrequited Love Facts

Unrequited Love Facts.

We have all been there, done that. Unrequited love is unequivocally unbounded in light of the fact that never truly having started, there’s been no time for thwarted expectation to set in. It does hurt, but you get over it and eventually move on. Trust me when I say that your life isn’t over. You will be surprised at what lies ahead! After the initial shock of rejection or heartbreak, you suddenly realize that all the pain was worth it. It made you a better, even happier person. Unrequited love happens, but this is just a preparation for a better, stronger love in the future. The cherished, regularly inaccessible, uninterested, occupied, or unapproachable beloved inn unrequited love can remain an object of inconclusive glorification. There is a sure boundlessness in unrequited love. Undiscovered, it has no limits, no end point.

When I loved and lost for the first time, it made me feel like I’d never possibly love again, honestly. It just hurt too much. Along the way, when someone proved that the unrequited love was not the only love of my life, I realized – if I felt this strongly about someone who didn’t love me, how much more would I love someone who loved me back? And when I found that person, I discovered a new meaning of love. The fulfillment of your love being reciprocated is much more than the pain you felt in unrequited love. You begin to see how foolish you were to have wasted so much emotion where it wasn’t even required.

As romantic as it may sound to love someone with your heart and soul, even if they don’t love you back, it is not easy. It is really painful to long for someone who does not feel the same way about you. While there is not much we can do about how the other person feels, there certainly are a few things we can do to save ourselves the unbearable pain. See my post Ways to Handle Unrequited Love where I have written in detail about the subject, but the most important thing to do is to know that you have been hurt and to take care of yourself, no matter what.

Did you know that people who are more capable of handling rejection are better social survivors than those who are not. Since it is important for humans to stand out enough to be noticed, individuals who let the pain of rejection in love affect them, find themselves fearing public eye and are less capable of being outstanding in most aspects of life. Rejection in unrequited love make them scared of being socially outcast. This leads to the individual being depressed and not too confident in life. With lack of confidence, they in turn increase their chance for rejection in the future as well.

When you are hurt, and cannot understand why it hurts so much, think about how it happened. Everything. How did you start falling for a person who you (probably) knew will not reciprocate your feeling? And if you did not know that you will be rejected, how did you misjudge the situation. What did you miss? See if you can find a pattern in your behaviour. Any kind of pattern – do you tend to fall in love with someone who doesn’t love you back? Do you like to be seen as a selfless lover, always giving and never demanding? Do you subconsciously set unachievable targets in matters of the heart?

Unrequited love hurts. I know – that’s an understatement. Rejection is incredibly painful. But there are emotions we need to feel before we learn lessons we need to learn – falling in love with the wrong person is one of them. You open your most vulnerable self to another person and, more often than not, you expect your feeling to be reciprocated by the object of your love. But it’s turns out to be wrong. So to all lovelorn lovers in unrequited love out there, courage! You are not alone. It happens to almost everyone. You will soon recover from the damage it has caused to your heart and soul and find the ‘actual’ love of your life (or be found by him) when it’s your turn!

I hope my article helps you in understanding unrequited love better. Want to talk? Please leave your comments to share more experiences in the message section!

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