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Unrequited Love and Sorrow

Unrequited Love and Sorrow.

Most of us don’t know how to deal with our Karma. We have no idea about absolving or processing it. An unrequited lover attracts a relationship that remains unfulfilled and becomes upset about it. One moment you respect the other person and then you hate them. This is a part of your own self that you are hating. The next time you are with the person you love, recognize that individual as a reflection of either a current or past part of you. If your current love is unreturned, remember a person in your current or past life whose love you did not return. In most cases, the one who truly loves gets over the past sooner and tries to reconcile. However, the relationship is just not meant to be, and they learn that soon enough! Once they realize things are not going to change, sadness sets in. The period of mourning is different for everyone, but time heals; and trust me, it does!

So, to all those single ladies and gentlemen, in unrequited love, or just out of unrequited love, please learn to not blame yourself. All you have is ‘you’, so love yourself and let yourself make mistakes – you are not perfect, nobody is. Just throw away your pride that has been hurt and now holds you back from trying again. Put on your typing shoes because finding a mate is like finding a job, you have to anticipate a lot of dead ends before you find the golden ticket. Recognize the love of your beloved exactly as a karmic reflection of your own past life self, that is now being returned to you. It’s almost like tennis. What goes around, comes around.

Separation is a life event that all of us witness at some point in time. In fact, life starts with an individual’s separation from the mother’s womb. Understand this law that nature is trying to prepare us for, since the moment we are born. Separation, it is inevitable. It is also true that we do not realise the actual depth of our desire, love and dependability for an individual until we are separated from them. It is the profound longing towards our romantic relationship that makes us realise the strong attachment or ties that bind us to the other person. Pain of loss and separation is bound to happen in love, unless you decide not to take that path at all.

Astrology is another way to identify susceptibilities, loyalty and Karma in a relationship; for you or your beloved. Research reports and compatibility charts provide an insight for personal interactions, and where the benefit and stress exists for the two of you. Researchers have found that the unrequited lovers are seldom aware of what the object of love is going through. They vaguely sense that there is feeling is unwelcome, but they are so preoccupied with the catastrophe of their doomed passion that they are incapable of sparing sympathy or compassion towards anyone else; even towards the love object.

When the physical, spiritual and emotional bond between two people is not stable, weaker relationships are formed. This creates an imbalance due to the interference of Karma. It tells you why you manifest the individual that you think you are. Reading more about Astrology will shed some light on why your heart seeks love outside yourself and desires only one particular person, like the rest of the world did not exist.

The individuals that reach higher levels of consciousness, never feel the need for someone to love them. There is no reason for them to feel that they are alone. They feel blessed in solitude and realize that their life doesn’t require a particular person to keep them happy or make them complete. Remember, you are not alone, you are bonded to the Universe that lies within you.

Read this article again. Then remember that today’s relationships are the ballpark of Karma. What you have sent out in this universe as love, sex, and commitment will most certainly come back to you. In my next post, I am going to write about understanding our status in current or future relationships.

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