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Unrequited Love and Regression

Unrequited Love and Regression.

Our ego structure becomes rigid and encloses us within a negative mental and emotional conditioning, as a result of all the pain and suffering that we experience in all the lives that we spend on earth. Hence, the only way to real freedom from unfulfilled relationships like unrequited love and to find true love is spiritual development of self through soul-searching and healing and clearing of emotional scars. I have written about this in my blog Healing the Subconscious in Unrequited Love. This is one reason why a lot of us pursue one-way love and hurt ourselves in doing so, without knowing the cause and effect of our actions.

In my series of blogs about cutting cords in unrequited love, I have been discussing various forces and energies that make us what we are. Most techniques of delving into the subconscious mind such as Hypnosis, Psychotherapy or Psychoanalysis are often unable to clear past conditioning because these techniques do not consider the existence of these energies and do not take into account the metaphysical nature of the human being. It requires deep knowledge of all the energies that form a human being, in order to reach the subconscious blockages that form the basis of an unrequited lover’s earthly ego. When you start practising the spiritual techniques to get rid of the dysfunctional parts of your relationship with your beloved, you experience far more than a memory of a previous incarnation, in the developed stages of spirituality.

Your feelings can remain unreturned for years, even decades, but this situation holds immense possibility for spiritual and emotional growth in unrequited love. You may read about this in detail in my blog The Spiritual Gifts. To programme your mind and heart to accept that your love is never going to be fulfilled is a huge spiritual lesson. This lesson is not easy to learn, and one requires constant practice to remain content in this situation.

While practising cord removal in unreturned love, you are required to delve deep into your subconscious mind to find the scars from past lives and successfully heal them. In doing so, you fully re-experience the intense emotions caused during the past life, along with remembering who you were and what happened to you. In this vivid experience you will feel exactly how you felt in your previous incarnation. Remember, we are discussing this technique here for unrequited lovers to completely release the repressed emotional charge that was created during the past life. This is going to allow the flow of higher energies to heal the wounds of unrequited love. Most lovers feel totally free from a part of their conditioning that was affecting them and causing them to look for love from those who were never going to reciprocate their feelings. Generally known as ‘The Regression Technique’, it is not a fleeting glimpse of a past life but a concrete, extremely vivid experience that leaves you with no doubt about the truth of the memories.

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If you are a person who wants to know for himself, the truth of your past, only then is this type of technique for you. Learning about incarnation and philosophizing about life and death are not what you will find in such a technique. The regression technique will help you actually experience deconstruction of your earthly ego to incarnate higher parts of you that will make you realise that the universe lies within you. You are the world and if you are seeking love outside of yourself, you are looking beyond the universe. This technique makes you aware of your multidimensional personality, with parts of you in many dimensions. It brings you face to face with reality and makes you inevitably become aware of and remember who and what you really are.

As mentioned in my blog Unrequited Love and The Third Eye, there are some techniques that an individual can practise to remember his past lives or in between lives and much more! For unrequited lovers, the method of thorough clearing of the subconscious releases negative emotional and mental conditioning! There is a technique that makes it possible for an individual to delve deeply into the subconscious and reach into the inner space of the third eye. In this space, it is easy to find and release emotional scars from this life and past lives. The existence of these emotional scars are believed to be the roots of all mental and emotional conditioning. They form the basis of the earthly ego that leads to mental and emotional suffering. With a thorough clearing of the subconscious the pain derived from these subconscious scars or imprints can be healed and a new way of being can be realized.

Like our eyes are structures of physical substance and are used to see physical matter, the third eye is a structure of subtle substances and is designed to see the subtle realms. As we all know, the world is far more complex than meets the physical eye. In order to explore the non-physical dimensions, beings, forces and, energies, an individual requires vision of such things. It is not possible to explore much in this realm without the third eye and this is also why most other techniques of psychoanalysis fail to help the unrequited lovers beyond a point, as they are unable to reach any real depth of an individual’s subconscious. To look deeply inside yourself and into other dimensions, the third eye is an essential structure.

The process of regression helps you will cultivate your third eye that enables you to communicate with extra-terrestrial beings from higher dimensions that help you in your overall spiritual transformation.

Please share your experiences in the comments section and I will add them to my future blogs.

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2 years ago

I knew unrequited love 4 times in my life. Each time I became unwell as a result (physically) but kept on believing in Love shared. Then in later life I found a great happiness with another who loved me very very much, and I loved them. We spent 8 good years together, then they passed into Spirit. Their love came to me so many times over years, and our Souls are deeply connected, so blessed, and beautiful. There was such strength and happiness between us.
Then suddenly, they were gone.
I send love as I always have done, from my heart but now receive no reply. For 3 years now I keep on going on but feel lost sometimes without them, and miss them so much. It seems as if for some reason I have to return to the “unrequited love” experience and learn something from it. Deep down, I sense this separation has wisdom in it. But I have no idea what I am meant to do, or not do, or nurture, or let go of, or how to heal the physical illness that came on me again, even though I try to nurture their Soul freedom.
No healing work is helping me at all. No natural remedies heal.
I don’t believe they don’t love me any more, so not sure if this is unrequited love or what, but it is the same heartache as I knew before. But this love is so much bigger this time. It feels like a deliberate lesson. But it also hurts very much and feels definitely like utter separation.

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