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Unrequited Love and Cheating

Unrequited Love and Cheating.

It has been noticed that men muck up the most extraordinary chances with women, and are then left alone. Hence, men are more often found to be in unrequited love than women. The question arises, what is it about the male gender that is so mystifying for the other. Here are some ways women misinterpret common male behaviour in order to explain how men think.

The Psychology of the Sexes

It is frequently assumed that men think more logically than women. Now while this may or may not be true, it is certainly more common for men to think in a primal way. Evolutionarily, man is made to be the provider, even when it comes to producing children. So, it is important for a man to have sex as much as possible, to increases the likelihood of producing children. This instinct often becomes the reason why men look out for women even while in a relationship; especially when the relationship does not involve a lot of sex.

Women are the opposite evolutionarily speaking. The more their man stays with them, provides for them, the better their chances of having healthy children. Now, every time you want to ask why men think the way they do, the answer is contained in this idea. A man’s value in the eyes of the world is closely linked with his ability to attract women, or at least so the male gender thinks. When he gets into a relationship and he stops attracting as many women, his self-esteem drops. Now while his partner is undergoing her own set of changes during that period, the man starts believing that she is subconsciously losing interest in him and goes astray himself, hence spoiling the balance and trust in the relationship.

Understanding the importance and effect of tuning your cords with your beloved in unrequited love enables you to live healthy and yet continue to love someone, but with healthy detachment. It is an absolute necessity to have all of your own energy in your own space in your own body. Do not direct cords towards others or influence their lives. You do not need energy from others to survive. And this also holds true for love cords. You do not need love energy flowing from your beloved to live a healthy life, but you certainly need to save your own energy from getting drained through an unrequited love cord. You have your own life plan with infinite resources of energy at your disposal. Allow it to flow into you by tuning into the Divine source, within yourself. Be willing to receive this energy from within, which will fill every cell of your being, giving you life. Read about this in detail here.

Why Men Cheat

Why do some men who are deeply in love with their girlfriend cheat on them? The female answer is “he can’t have really loved her”. Surprisingly, this is not true. The true answer is he did, he truly loved her, he was just led to believe that he was no longer the alpha male, now that he had settled down, and therefore not attractive to the opposite sex. Understanding this is the first step to understanding how men think and why.

Use the Psychology of Men To Your Advantage!

Once you understand how a man’s brain functions, you can use it to your advantage. Applying this knowledge to your everyday scenarios can lead to finding a fulfilling relationship someday. For example, when a man approaches you in a bar, he is definitely looking for sex. However, if everything you do and say conveys a higher value, he starts seeing you as someone that he wants to invest time and love in; he starts looking for something more than just sex.

Through millions of years of evolution, men have come to be this way, just like women have evolved as a gender that (generally) cannot sleep with someone on their first date. The good news is once you understand how men think you can control it and use it to your advantage, by knowing how to behave in a way that would bypass this basic instinct in men.

If you’re moving on from a breakup, a divorce or other relationship heartbreak read this post to handle the loss or heartbreak. If you’re trying to figure out how to reconnect with someone you love or lust after or are trying to come to a middle ground with your two very different sex drives or levels of desire, read this.

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