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Unattainable Love Experiences

Unattainable Love Experiences.

To have a better understanding of the types of relationships that will form a part of your life and how to work with relationship chemistry, will help you find the right person to fall in love with; someone who will match down to the depths of your soul. In my blog Relationships and Unrequited Love, I have discussed about a few such relationships, one of which is Soulmates. They say when you have found your soulmate, you don’t even need to speak, in order to connect with each other. I had initially set out to write about soulmates, but for people in unattainable love, to understand the concept of a soulmate and analyse if their current love is actually their soulmate, it was important to give a brief background about types of connections that lead to an individual’s search for a soulmate.

Every individual seeks a companion to embrace life together in a relationship. When a couple has reached the highest ideal of these deep relationships, they are often labelled as soulmates in our culture. All unattainable love cases begin with the lover looking for a soulmate when they are actually pursuing a one-way love relationship and in doing so, they forget to notice some points that are important in forming or finding a soulmate relationship. What is required to balance the actual relationship is the understanding that instead of holding on to the ideal, both individuals might need to shift the relationship into something else. Do not push the relationship too hard.

There is a technique that makes it possible for an individual to delve deeply into the subconscious and reach into the inner space of the third eye. In this space, it is easy to find and release emotional scars from this life and past lives. The existence of these emotional scars is believed to be the root of all mental and emotional conditioning that leads individuals to fall in unattainable love. They form the basis of the earthly ego that leads to mental and emotional suffering. With a thorough clearing of the subconscious the pain derived from these subconscious scars or imprints can be healed and a new way of being can be realized.

Violet is a color that relates to the imagination and spirituality. It inspires high ideals and stimulates the imagination. Its introspective effect allows us to get in touch with our deeper thoughts. Violet assists in seeking the meaning of life and spiritual fulfilment by expanding our awareness and connecting us to a higher consciousness. The violet flame has an effect of raising vibrations. Vibration is the speed at which electrons of an atom orbit around its nucleus. Negative energy is stuck in the empty space between electrons and the nucleus, clogging the atom. This clogging of atoms in our body leads to negative aura. The movement of electrons slows down, lowering the vibrations and making it difficult to connect with our spiritual self. You may read more about the use of violet flame in getting rid of the negative cords of your life here.

It is the ‘mate’ part of soulmate where people often fall short. If you try to forcefully form a soulmate relationship with someone, you confuse yourself and the other person by adding sex to the equation. Things eventually fall apart. The simple truth is a soulmate relationship is formed naturally and it takes time to build because it is based on trust and complete dedication to each other.

Most unattainable love experiences are painful and from a part and parcel of early life experience. Lovers generally tend to look back on their experiences relatively positively and even with fond memories, warmth and some residual love. A few of them, however, find it impossible to cope with the loneliness, grief and desolation which are invariable components of unattainable love.

It has been said that problematic relationships are the cause of most suicides and suicide attempts in both adolescents and adults. Adolescents and young adults often attempt to commit suicide over unattainable love. A nineteen-year-old girl once said that she’d jump off Beachy Head if her boyfriend ever left her—he did and she did! Suicide statistics for young men and women suggest that those ancient physicians who considered love sickness a potentially fatal illness were right.

Please share your experiences in the comments section and I will add them to my future posts.


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