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Relationships and Spirituality

Relationships and Spirituality.

As this website is dedicated to unrequited lovers, I am only going to talk about relationships in context of one-way love. Spiritually speaking, there is nothing else, nothing more beyond you. In this dimension, remember that the entire Universe is an illusion. In truth, you need to set your consciousness a bit higher, we are love, we are light and we are one. Love and light are all there is. So whenever you are on a mission to seek outside yourself what you think you lack, you are really missing the boat. Finding love in someone who doesn’t want to reciprocate the feeling is looking beyond the universe, because everything is within you. The best relationship is your relationship with yourself. The best experiences in life manifest with the highest levels of self-love and self-esteem. Because you are the Universe, you are the world, just start right here within your heart.

The individuals that reach higher levels of consciousness, never feel the need for someone to love them. There is no reason for them to feel that they are alone. They feel blessed in solitude and realize that their life doesn’t require a particular person to keep them happy or make them complete. Remember, you are not alone, you are bonded to the Universe that lies within you.

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When we are born on this planet, we are given many hints to try to find our way back to the light within. Metaphysically, unfulfilled or one-way love is one of those hints. It tells you- this is an illusion, overcome it. It’s only a matter of time before you realise that you are more complete within yourself than you would be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t care. You want to be happy in love. You don’t want to be hurt and lonely all the time, which is exactly what you get in unrequited love.

Astrology is a powerful science of behaviour that helps you in identifying the uniqueness that you were born with. It helps to identify your Karma, your obsession, and why you act and think in a certain way, which is unique. You are like no one else; you just need to understand why you are the way you are. Realise your inner self. As I have written in my blog Internal Karma, Astrology is another way to identify susceptibilities, loyalty and Karma in a relationship; for you or your beloved. Research reports and compatibility charts provide an insight for personal interactions, and where the benefit and stress exists for the two of you. When the physical, spiritual and emotional bond between two people is not stable, weaker relationships are formed. This creates an imbalance due to the interference of Karma. It tells you why you manifest the individual that you think you are. Reading more about Astrology will shed some light on why your heart seeks love outside yourself and desires only one particular person, like the rest of the world did not exist.

The Karma of love is when we are insecure, lonely or foolish enough to think that you must seek love outside our own self; when in truth you are already bonded to all humans. It is perfectly acceptable to have romantic feelings for another individual, but if you choose to waste those feelings on someone who holds no value for them, then there is a problem. Your insecurities create a vacuum inside you. This makes you become obsessed with trying to find love outside of you. In case that love happens to be unrequited, you end up harming yourself in a lot of ways.

At the risk of sounding like a priest, I have learned to be happy with my solitude. I have learned to enjoy it. The love that lies within my heart gets me people to love and be loved by. I don’t feel the need to go out and find people to love. If you learn the value of your own self, you could find the key to true happiness.

Please let me know what you think about the article by leaving your comments. I will be happy to add the learning in my future posts.

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