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Choose Well

Choose Well.

This article is about the core issue of our personal lives – the issue of choice. Choice is a matter of free will, but the consequences of our choices are not free will. All that appears to be chaotic in the world, is a result of free will; the collective creations, and relative realities. There is also an Absolute Reality. This is relative to the Absolute Principles of human consciousness. In the physical world we are simply learning and evolving these Absolute Principles.

In our personal reality, the Karma of choice is relative to the choices we make every moment of every day. These choices determine the cause and effect patterns we set in motion through our thoughts and actions. So the Karma of Choice leads to causes, and consequences. Our actions and motives should be calculated in consideration with the likely consequences. Did you ever think that even ‘nothing’ has a consequence? It is avoidance! Procrastination or avoidance of an issue is never the solution. So when you have realised that the other person is not in love with you anymore, or never was, you are actually wasting your time in trying to sort things out. In this situation you need to accept the fact and move on. You don’t want to be an unrequited lover and hang on for no reason.

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When you avoid saying something, it can be termed as an omission. Omission is avoiding speaking up when it is appropriate to do so. When in unrequited love, you can be avoiding the truth by simply saying nothing or by avoiding the thoughts and questions. This state of omission is not going to help you. I have written about this in my blog Internal Karma, in order to restore yourself mentally after an unrequited love experience you might even need to take therapy. Getting rid of the love you feel for another person mentally, requires talking it out and acknowledging it. The therapist is mostly going to make you talk until it gets boring and until everything is out of your system. Omission doesn’t help.

We live for our choices. They define who we are. We are also free to choose to make a decision. This could be a decision to continue following unrequited love, or to realise the truth and move on. This decision can change your life. Like all other decisions in life, this too can turn out to be for the better (which is mostly the case), or for the worse. No matter what, you will learn from the experience. You need to first acknowledge the problem, in order to understand how it is affecting you. This is the only way to identify the problem, so you can exercise our choice and decide how to deal with it and make the necessary changes. As I have written in my blog Ways to Handle Unrequited Love, one of the most difficult things about unrequited love is to come to terms with the fact that your love is never going to find its destination in your beloved. The most important point to understand here is that this does not mean there is something wrong with you. Think about a star or a celebrity who you know was in love with someone who never loved them back. They are intelligent, rich, smart and all that you think is required for someone to fall in love with you. But they were not loved back. Why? Because it was just not meant to be for them, just like this was not meant to be for you!

In the Western society people are blessed with many kinds of freedom. This freedom gives us the right to free speech, the right to vote, the right to express ourselves, as well as freedom of fashion, culture, art and entertainment. We also have spiritual freedom. We are free to experience almost anything that we want to. This means that you have an incredible opportunity to learn from your experiences and to develop spiritually. This is not possible in cultures where freedom of expression, sexuality, speech, and movement is limited, or even prohibited. Realise the importance of all the beautiful things that life has offered and even gifted you. Realise the importance of your inner self. Learn to value what’s within, instead of running after someone undeserving and unresponsive. Make the right choices and choose well.

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