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Love in the films is brimming with roses and sunshine however, in reality, it’s painful. At the same time we must understand that not all love is painful….only the ‘wrong love’ is. Numerous people are in agony since they are being clairvoyantly manhandled by their accomplice. We won’t discuss that today. We will discuss why consistently, love can be agonizing. 

The reasons may astound you! 

The vulnerability about what’s to come. 

Love is always beautiful when we are falling in it because we feel so great and secure. Also, happiness is at it’s peak. Also, we get acclimated, as it were, to that security and solace and we don’t need it to disappear. 

Lamentably, there are no certifications in affection. We realize that for a fact. Furthermore, our hearts are terrified to the point that this relationship will turn out like others and will cause us torment, Once more. 


In this way, it’s the not knowing the eventual fate of our relationship – how it will end up – that causes us actual pain. The nervousness can cause stomach ache, heart ache that feels genuine, head haze and other serious side affects. 

One should try to deal with your stresses over what’s to come. Nobody understands what will occur and getting angry over it will just detract from the bliss that you are feeling at this moment.

The assumptions for what could be. 

Lamentably, it’s that darn future that makes love hurt in a relationship. 

For a significant number of us, living at the time is exceptionally troublesome. Rather than appreciating where we are at this moment, we project ahead to what’s to come. Regardless of whether you are secure in your relationship, considering what is next can cause physical and mystic agony. 

One should know that: 

“There is no fear in love, but perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. One who fears is not made perfect in love.”

~The Holy Bible

It’s the fear that you have in your mind that causes you pain. And question back in our minds like “When will I see him once more?”, “What will we do, this end of the week?”, ” When would we be able to move in together?”, “When will she acquaint me with her companions?” hurt us more.

Once more, stressing over the future, even in a serious relationship, can cause torment. The side effects can be fatal. 

Along these lines, if this is you, stressing over the future continually won’t lead you anywhere so attempt to release it and concentrate on the present moment. 

The chemical crash: 

The chemical reason as to why love is so painful is a result of our body’s science. 

At the time when we begin to fall in love, a wide range of brilliant chemical substances are flowing through our bodies. 

Dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins are secreted when we are experiencing love and desire. Those chemical substances feels so great that they become addictive. Since our bodies just produce them at specific occasions, similar to when we are experiencing passionate feelings for or after we work out, when we don’t have them we need them. 

You know how, when after spending a flawless weekend together, your isolation or moving apart is seriously difficult? That is on the grounds that your body is in a real sense going into withdrawal of those chemical compounds that cause you to feel so great. Also, you won’t feel them again until you have some contact with your lover. 

This withdrawal is incredibly agonizing and we will do pretty much anything to facilitate the torment. This prompts uneasiness about when we will see them again and the enduring is heightened. 

In the event that they are battling with this pain, we urge people to work out. Dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins are also stimulated by exercise and you can, at any rate, get those chemicals flowing through your blood again and ease that pain. 

The baggage we bring. 

Truly, we have all been in and out of relationships throughout our lifetime and, for a significant number of us, the memory of what caused past pain is genuine and still present in our brain. Subsequently, we bring the things from past connections into our new ones and that can cause pain.

This baggage that comes from past connections, can cause us a great deal of pain in our new ones. Furthermore, that is hazardous on the grounds that we don’t need that things to meddle with the upgraded one’s prosperity. 


In the event that you are conveying pain from past connections, attempt to release it and not venture it onto your new accomplice. It’s not his flaw that another person wrecked so don’t make him pay for it! 

The setback. 

You know when you are beginning to look all starry eyed at and you are eager to the point that you finally had met an individual who had their shit together and knows how to treat you. A long time of looking lastly you hit the jackpot!  

At the point when we are experiencing passionate feelings for, all we know is that our person is great. However, at that point, over the long haul, our person uncovers a greater amount of what his identity is and we discover that perhaps he isn’t actually who we thought he was.  

Maybe the person who consistently used to keep the door open for you once in a while doesn’t. Or then again maybe he has uncovered himself to be somewhat of a lazy pig. Maybe he invests more energy at work then he used to or he plays a couple of more computer games then you may like. 

At the point when the individual we thought was ideal turns out not to be, there can be a gigantic frustration. It isn’t so much that they aren’t adequately ideal to keep around however at times the enlivening can be a discourteous one. Furthermore, an excruciating one. 

Anyway, what do you do when the setback causes you torment? You assess the beneficial things about your individual (like the way that he isn’t a narcissistic sociopath) and, if vital, address the things that probably won’t be so great. On the off chance that you realize that the computer games will be an issue, either converse with him about how you feel about them or decide to acknowledge them as a feature of your life.

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