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Learn from Unrequited Love

Learn from Unrequited Love.

Love is one of the greatest teachers and mysteries of life, but we become almost obsessed with cracking the code of love when the object of our love doesn’t love us back.  Lovers start believing that there is something that is missing in them, which, if changed, can cause the beloved to fall in love with them. they start finding ways to carve out of the marble of their being, someone that the beloved will find irresistible.  The more you change yourself, the more you will turn into a shadow of your own.

In all honesty, unrequited love actually has nothing to do with the other person at all. It is your mind that makes them special, like no one else. It turns them to an idol, an object of worship. Because of the very nature of unrequited love, the object of your love never becomes a part of your real life, hence you never bring them down from the pedestal and know who they truly are. We continue to live in a constant state of denial and keep weaving the powerful myths about how perfect everything would be if they were with you.

From a spiritual perspective you might have a ‘past life’ connection with your beloved, which makes them feel incredibly familiar and your heart unknowingly goes out to them. This involuntary clinging onto a past life blocks the growth of your soul in this life. You need to claim your power back, snap out of the spell and rescue yourself.  In order to make this happen, you need to first realise that you are trapped into a state of negative enchantment. Only then will you be able to do whatever it takes to come out of it.  This is the only way to free yourself and go on and attract real love. Once you have rescued yourself, you will be astonished at looking back to your own behaviour in the past. You will then see the object of your love as an ordinary person and not a God.

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An unrequited lover attracts a relationship that remains unfulfilled and becomes upset about it. One moment you respect the other person and then you hate them. This is a part of your own self that you are hating. The next time you are with the person you love, recognize that individual as a reflection of either a current or past part of you. If your current love is unreturned, remember a person in your current or past life whose love you did not return. Recognize the love of your beloved exactly as a karmic reflection of your own past life self, that is now being returned to you. It’s almost like tennis. What goes around, comes around.

Many people, in their past lives, associated with things such as rape, rejection and cheating. These things have occurred through centuries of human history. The resultant karmic influence invokes today’s circumstances, for Karmic absolution. Consider people’s sufferings in the past; those enslaved by governments, dictators and rulers. Nations subjugated, starving and slaughtered. Karmically speaking, if all you’ve got to worry about in this life is your unrequited love, you are truly blessed. If you ignore the blessings, they result is a lack of stability in relationships, causing dissatisfaction and heartbreak.

Seeing through the eyes of your soul, you will see another soul come by, at the perfect time, and make you experience what it’s like to be powerless. Send them a silent blessing for giving you the spiritual gift of unrequited love. Then turn away get on with your own life once again. Find the real love that you deserve. Most of us have Karma with ourselves. We wrongly believe that it is the other person causing pain. All of us have been fantasizers at some point in life and literally believed that relationships should be a certain way. As soon as a problem crops up, we blame, reject and eject people out of our lives. Look back at your past, and all the people you’ve been with. Try making a list of people you’ve loved or made love to. There are many victims and victimizers that you did not even think about, until now. If your life lacks emotional stability or your beloved doesn’t love you back, it’s because the Karma in relationships lies with you. You can’t blame anyone but yourself. If you attract a certain person in your life and it turns out to be a disaster, it is Karma’s way of evolution for you.

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