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How To Make Someone Think Of You 24×7

It’s always great to know that the person we love thinks about us day and night. Whether a couple is in a relationship or in the early stages of knowing each other, it’s always nice to know that the other one thinks about you all the time. 

There are very tiny little things you can do which will give you a better chance of being in that person’s mind. But, all this becomes much easier if the person you so desperately want to think of you actually loves or in some way or the other likes you. 

If they don’t really know you, it might take a little more time but remember that nothing is impossible, there will be few opportunities in which you can lure them towards you by doing a few as mentioned above ” Tiny little Things”.

thinking of you

No one is asking you to make some calculated moves, wait long hours before texting them back, or often pretend to be busy when they call to speak to you. If you really want to remain in their mind, it’s never about what you do when you’re not with them, but rather, what you do when you’re with them.

Always remember that the tiny little gestures, the small things you do will be remembered by them the most. No, you don’t need some special telepathic skills, in fact, all you need is a few really simple and cool plans.

It doesn’t matter if you just met, just began dating, or have been with the person for a very very long time. Remember everyone likes being thought of. Happily, there are few tricky, scheming and effective ways to make someone think of you when you’re not around.

How to make someone think of you

So Below Are Some Of The Best Ways: To Make Someone Think of You

Talk To A Mutual Friend About Them.

If you actually like someone or have a crush on them and you desperately want your crush to know about them then all you just have to do is to talk casually about them to a mutual friend and you can be sure that it will go back to your crush.

Do something special for them.

If you want to make someone think of you then the easiest way is to do something special for them. Everyone likes being treated special. Take note of things you like or talk about and then do something thoughtful for them.

Always leave your conversation positively

Remember if you get that golden chance to speak to your crush then all you have to do is to end the conversation by yourself on a positive note. It is very essential that you do this in order to be remembered by them as a smart person who does know how to perfectly and pleasantly do a conversation.

Create memorable experiences with them

Now that you have had the chance to speak to your crush, if ever you have the golden opportunity to meet them in person you should focus on creating fun experiences with them so that you and your crush could cherish those memories even after you are not together.

Leave behind something of yours at their place.

This is one of the cutest things you could do to make someone think of you. Leaving behind a scarf, or cardigan is a great way to make someone’s mind fill with thoughts of you. As soon as your crush sees your stuff at their place they would definitely think of you.

Be nice to them

This is going to be the last one but it is one of the most essential things that you need to keep in your mind. Whether you are going to see your crush on a date or talk to them on the phone , all you need to do is to try to be good to them. Remember to be gentle, kind, compassionate and nice to you.

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Definitely after going through this article you might have understood how to make someone think of you. Always remember that making someone think you are not rocket science or magic, it’s all about cute gestures, simple planning and plotting and you’ll be in the mind of the person you have a crush on.

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