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Conscious Creation in Unrequited Love

Conscious Creation in Unrequited Love.

It is difficult to sort out, and confusing. I know. But trust me, you are not the only one who is going through unrequited love. Perhaps, there are more people in unrequited love in this world than in a complete, reciprocal relationship. While it is certainly going to take time, breaking the recovery process down into small, manageable parts will enable you to look at all of the pieces and find out exactly why you are suffering.

The chart of ‘conscious creation’ will put these questions before you:

  1. Who are you?

Remember, you are a spark of the divine. And you create your own reality!

  1. What do you desire?

It seems like you are clear on this, however, I bet that nowhere in your list of intentions does it state- I intend my beloved to reject me. If this is not what you desire, I would add- I intend to create a loving, joyful and fun-filled relationship.

  1. What energy are you putting into this?

You said it yourself, you feel desperate and disappointed. Remember, the energy is within you. It’s your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. What you put out you get back. What you are creating in unrequited love is more desperation and disappointment. Try imagining a person is so deeply committed to you and who loves you so much and he cannot imagine being with anyone else ever! And then take a look at the beliefs you hold about people and relationships. Your beliefs are energy you are exuding 24/7. It envelopes you.

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  1. What action are you taking?

You wouldn’t want to hear this, but you really should date someone (else). If your beloved has any hope of being the one for you, he/she will eventually show up and ask for an exclusive relationship. If not, good riddance! You deserve more. Meanwhile, there are a lot of fish in the sea. Practice creating positivity and see what you can manifest.

  1. What is life telling you? And how do you respond?

Remember, life reflects to you what you are sending out as energy. If you are happy with your current reality, thank the universe and enjoy. If you are not happy, open your eyes, go back and redefine your dream. Change your beliefs, your thoughts and feelings, and take a different action. As I have written in my blog Relationships and Karma, the Universe is a reflection of you. Whatever you are as an individual, so is the universe that you create around you. The neighbours, friends, family, home, city and environment you live in, everything in your life is literally a reflection of you. If you feel that your life is a mess, or that the person you love doesn’t love you back and this is making everything in your life negative, incomplete and unwanted, then you need to do some deep soul searching.

  1. Are you happy in this relationship?

Spending day after day alone, in doubt and despair is not going to do you any good. Find reasons to be happy. Start a gratitude journal. Smell the rain. Read a good book. Know this is your choice and you are happy with it! As I have written in my blog The Spiritual Gifts of Unrequited Love, love is one of the greatest teachers and mysteries of life, but we become almost obsessed with cracking the code of love when the object of our love doesn’t love us back.  Lovers start believing that there is something that is missing in them, which, if changed, can cause the beloved to fall in love with them. They start finding ways to carve out of the marble of their being, someone that the beloved will find irresistible. The more you change yourself, the more you will turn into a shadow of your own.

  1. Do you seek help?

Every night before you go to sleep, ask your soul and your conscious mind to help you manifest the relationship that you dream of. Request them to gently show you the way to change yourself and help you heal.

Turn the energy around following the chart of ‘conscious creation’ and create the relationship of your dreams. It will take some time, dear In Love, but I know you can do this.

Keep me posted. I believe in your ability to use the law of attraction for love! Sending light to you for a beautiful relationship.


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