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Unrequited Love Spell

Unrequited Love Spell.

Unrequited love casts a spell on the lover. Everything taking place in the world of fantasy is caused by this spell. In real relationships, people argue, we plan a passionate evening of romance and lust and fall asleep dribbling on the sofa. But in the unrequited lover’s world of fantasy with this incredible love object, all of this is missing; these things from the real world never happen. Don’t we all know that real life cannot live up to fantasy and myth? So, when someone comes along who is actually really good for an unrequited lover, whilst they are under the spell cast by this other person in the form of unrequited love, they push them away – that is, if they even notice the other potential partner.

From a quantum creating perspective, the more we allow ourselves to fall under the spell of unrequited love, the more we vibrate with unfulfilled longing, and the more the universe will mirror that and send us more of the same. As discussed in my blog More About Relationships and Karma, the Universe is a reflection of you. Whatever you are as an individual, so is the universe that you create around you. The neighbours, friends, family, home, city and environment you live in, everything in your life is literally a reflection of you. If you feel that your life is a mess, or that the person you love doesn’t love you back and this is making everything in your life negative, incomplete and unwanted, then you need to do some deep soul searching.


As unrequited love is such a major way of draining power out of an individual and to the object of love, even though we might recognise its dangers, it is easy for unrequited lovers to feel convinced that they cannot get out of that awful state unless someone rescues them. It’s like someone had better come along and hit them over the head, throw them over their shoulder and carry them back out to sanity.  But how many of us have such people in our lives? And even if we did, that wouldn’t do any good at all because we’d flop around like wilted flowers, murmuring ‘But I love him/her’ until they get frustrated with us and leave us by the roadside.

If you examine the people you are attracted to, date and make commitments to, or marry, you will see that you are different from all of them. And most of the problems in unrequited love, leading to a broken heart or a broken relationship, are because both individuals believe that they are so different. They have nothing in common. Notice here that both individuals are saying the same thing. Metaphysically speaking, the love of your life is a reflection of your own persona. Somewhere deep inside the Karma bank in your soul, is an entity. This being relates to the woman or the man in your life that you love. It is a major reflection of where you are in this part of your life with relationships.

Until we fall in unrequited love, we believe that love is not supposed to hurt, but it is often through pain that we grow and evolve the most. Heartbreak actually breaks the heart open, giving you a greater capacity to feel more love and compassion, if you do not close your heart because of fear of pain. You can allow this to harden you against love, scar you and embitter you, which will cause you pain for the rest of this lifetime; it will also create the karma of pain that will bind you to this person, and which you will have to overcome in a subsequent lifetime in order to be together again. Or, you can take this situation as a gift that you have been given, to show you how deeply you can love. You can use this to enable you to attract another soul with whom you can share deep intimate love and partnership. It is another person’s choice to not be lovers, but it is your choice to love them and accept them unconditionally anyway, instead of succumbing to an unrequited love obsession. Now this is divine love!


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