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Top 10 Miss You Songs on Valentine’s Day with the Latest Launch Ranjhana Song

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and it is the perfect opportunity to show people how much you love them. It may be your crush or someone who deserves extra love during this special day. In some cases finding the perfect song may come as a big surprise and showcase to the person that you are super tough. Though this may be the first time you could be expressing your feelings for your loved ones.

Come February the occasion of Valentine’s day is at the doorsteps.  Friends or people who have limited communication feelings will not be able to express their inner feelings of the heart. They can suffice and feel expressions with the help of the song. It could be a song that may match up to the feelings of your heart. So coming this special day we would be suggesting some special songs to convey your feelings. Luckily there are tonnes of love songs on this Valentine’s day and you may choose one as per your needs.

Ranjhana- By Shenarina Latest launch

This could be one of the beautiful songs that you may hear till now. Ranjhana has gone on to script a unique identity in the minds of music lovers. The moment you hear the song, a feeling is likely to emerge that you keep on listening more of the same. Where the song creates a lasting impression is with the splendid delivery.

In terms of character to the vocals, the singer has done a great job. On the personal front, this is a song that I keep on listening to day in and day out. The location of the song is something that is going to mesmerize you. An emotional quotient and a sense of connection would exist with the song. People are of the opinion that this turns out to be a great song and the characters of the singer are what they have admired the most. Hyper Harmony is the name of the production company.

Listening to the song and the first couple of lines is going to make your heart melt. Some feel that the control which the singer has on the song is an outstanding bet. There is bound to be a feeling that you listen to the song over and over again.

Kacey Musgraves- Golden hour

Starting off with a romantic lyric, Baby don’t you know? That you are my golden hour. The color of my sky. You have set the world on fire. And I know, I know everything’s is going to be alright. 

The lyrics of Kacey are something that we would not mind in admitting to our crush

Enrique Iglesias- You can’t escape my love

If you fall in love this song will follow you as you will not be able to escape. If you are planning to mention these words to your beloved, then the song turns out to be the best choice.

Death cab for Cutie- I will follow you into the dark

An eternal love sings that we would love even after our death. The beautiful lyrics when you pair it with acoustics and an amazing voice are a perfect combination for this Valentine’s day.

The Beatles- I want to hold your hands

A notable feature of the song has to be its simplicity. When you are holding hands it creates such a beautiful feeling, that works like magic and the entire world would turn pink in front of your eyes.

Ellie Goudling- Love me as you do

You are the pain and you are the cure. This is the best part about the whole song as you feel happy in love.

Elvis Presley- Can’t help falling in love

The moment you are not able to hold on to your love anymore then expression becomes inevitable. In such scenarios, you can sing the song.

Celine Dion- My Heart will go on

There is hardly anyone who has not sung this song during their childhood days. Irrespective of the fact on how many the number of love songs will release, this is a song that is going to find a special place in Valentine’s day charts.

The Bee Gees- How Deep is your Love

Come the era of the 1970s this was a song that captured the Saturday night Fever and has gone on to capture and solidly things. Though it is a slow song, there is a degree of emotion involved in the song. The quality of symphony may go on to set up a romantic gateway at night.

Ed Sheeran- Thinking out  Loud

The song may seem to be replicate a scenario where you are making a promise to your loved one. Even the lyrics of the song is amazing “ I will love you till the 70s

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