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Timeless Unrequited Love

Timeless Unrequited Love.

Going through a breakup and getting over a relationship are the same as recovering from unrequited love. For the unrequited lover, it was a relationship throughout. If you are reading this, you are on the path to getting over the feeling. As discussed in my blog Rediscover Yourself in Unrequited Love, now you need to relearn how to be happy on your own. This certainly does not mean that you do not desire relationships. As humans, we enjoy connectedness with other people, but we should also make sure that these relationships do not define you.

In this series, I am writing about ways to get over unrequited love and my next advice is to seek healthy relationships based on equality. Finding someone who is your equal, someone who likes you just the way you are, and who makes you feel happy and connected rather than miserable and frustrated. You may know this person already, though it doesn’t matter. All I want you to do is to just keep your heart open to the possibility of finding someone who can reciprocate your feelings and build a mutual relationship. Open your mind to the possibility that you could be mistaken in assuming you can only have a relationship with a person who fits exactly what you have imagined. And remember that you are having a relationship with a real-life person, not a phantasm of your own making.

Constant Growth

A person needs to grow in life. Constant growth is the way to live. If a situation or a relationship is binding you so strongly that it is not letting you grow, even emotionally, it is time to move on! Use this experience as an opportunity for change and self-growth. It may hurt now, but nothing is a waste of time if you can use what you have learned to create a better future! Like the author James Matthew Barrie had said- Let no one who loves be called unhappy. Even love unreturned has its rainbow.


Since time immemorial, unrequited love has been a popular topic for renowned poets and playwrights. It is the theme of countless movies and the plot of great romance novels. However, while an intriguing love triangle may make for exciting television, it is not much fun to experience in real life. In fact, unrequited love makes you feel as if you have been drawn into your own personal nightmare, facing feelings of embarrassment, rejection, and guilt. You may even find yourself behaving in unexplained ways that affect your daily life. But, even amidst all the chaos, unrequited love can be used as a self-discovery tool; a way to recognize what needs to be changed so you can deal with those things that may be holding you back!

Be Your Own Critic

Ask yourself, “Is this relationship helping me to become who I was meant to be? Is it making me strong or weak? Will it make me feel complete, or is it a distraction?” Always aspire to keep empowering yourself! To experience true joy and empowerment, you’ve got to understand the truth of the situation and then let go of those things that are holding you back. You must release them so you can enjoy freedom. Whether it is your first experience or you are trapped in a continual cycle, it is time to take control of your life! You are an amazing and unique person and you deserve to be in a relationship that is based on growth, unity, and true mutual love.

Let go!

It’s a pretty simple, yet very powerful self-improvement technique. Letting go of the person or situation that does not bring happiness makes life much easier and simpler. It has the potential to totally change your life and is thus a personal development plan within itself.

In the spiritual sense, the let go method, when successfully completed, leaves you at total peace with yourself. A state where you are able to love unconditionally; where there is inner silence, spaciousness, awareness, happiness and an experience of your true identity, your soul identity. The continuity of spiritual life is timeless. While everyone has a different belief about reincarnation, it is also a common belief that the soul chooses to re-embody into a physical dimension for further expression. According to Hindu mythology, unless one soul has become completely clear of the past Karma, it will keep re-embodying itself to achieve Moksha.

I am going to write about this in detail in my next post. Please share your experiences in the comments section and I will add them to my future blogs.

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