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The Spiritual Gifts

The Spiritual Gifts.

I have been doing extensive research on unrequited love for a few years now. When I started studying about the spiritual aspect of it, I thought I know all about the subject. When you are in love, it feels like nothing else matters. You can’t eat, can’t sleep. Day after day, time goes by, just thinking about the object of love. About what they said and what they meant. If their words had a hidden meaning and if they also feel the same about you. I can go on and on about this chain of confusing thoughts.

Typically, there are three routes that your love can take. I am going to talk about those in this blog.


Your one-way love is never fulfilled. The relationship never begins and you keep holding on to the hope, in spite of knowing that your beloved is not going to reciprocate the feeling you value so much. Your beloved has such control over you, instead of learning from the situation and making the right decisions at the right time, you stagnate yourself in an unfulfilling affair. It sets up an inclination towards self-mutilation, as I have written in my blog “Hopeless Unrequited Love”, a good relationship is where both partners feel the support of being pushed to achieve their best, yet being loved for what they are. Both the partners need to feel important in the relationship. Praise and encouragement are the essence of a relationship, but an unrequited lover tends to settle with the absence of all of these and continues to blindly follow the love object .


If there is a possibility of some kind of agreement with your beloved, especially in cases of pre-existent relationships that went bad with time, in this stage you reach to that agreement. It could either be mutual consent to move on, or give your relationship another chance. With time, the two of you have changed, like I said in my blog “Why Unrequited Love”, a much required “change” that one partner demands from the other is what leads the other to start feeling claustrophobic and suffocated in the relationship. This demand for change, without consent of the partner is the cause of most broken, hopeless or unrequited love relationships. However, in this phase you might be surprised to see your beloved open up and heal your ability to trust. This does not imply that the relationship is going to stay, but things do look hopeful. Maybe all the persistence by you and resistance by the partner was building up to a huge transmutation of energy, and both partners needed to release it. The relationship stays as long as both are willing to see what’s necessary for the next stage of development.

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This phase is to give time to each other, be compassionate and open to the new style of connection. At this time, the beloved will typically not acknowledge your love, and you are never quite able to let go of the feelings. Perhaps it is a karmic connection (i am going to write about it soon) and there is soul material from the past that needs to be settled. Or it could be a communion with a vampire in a hyper dimensional aspect of unrequited love. If you have read my blog “Supernatural Forces in Unrequited Love”, you will know that when the other person is completely cold and unresponsive, the unrequited lover is trapped in a deep psychic feeding or communion with a vampire and that is the only link that will be maintained with the donor or unwilling partner. This powerful connection is often felt as true love for the one being fed upon. For the vampire, the partner may be nothing more than an addiction or a survival instinct. This may result in unrequited love for the unfortunate ones caught in the nest of psychic feeders, as unintentional as it may be. However, that is a completely different subject of my research. This relationship can also be a Twin Flame vibration and one partner does not recognize the other as a Twin. Whatever the case, the feelings can remain unreturned for years, even decades, but this situation holds immense possibility for spiritual and emotional growth.

To programme your mind and heart to accept that your love is never going to be fulfilled, is a huge spiritual lesson. This lesson is not easy to learn, and one requires constant practice to remain content in this situation.

In my next blog I am going to write more about the spiritual gifts of unrequited love. Do let me know what you think about the information provided in this blog and I will try to cover your questions in my future posts.

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