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Heartbreak in Unrequited Love

Heartbreak in Unrequited Love.

I did not become a preacher overnight. I have had my own set of heartbreaks, unrequited love, phases of extreme lows, depression, isolation, standing up again, and being betrayed again. However, today I believe that in some other lifetime, I had wronged all those people in some way. They came in my life again to settle the karma cycle. They hurt me back, cleared the karma and left. Besides that, they also taught me some lessons- to not be too trusting, to learn to love with detachment, to look for fulfilment within myself, etc. If you read my previous posts, you will find them full of these lessons that I have shared for others to benefit. I have learnt to be careful who I let into my life. All that glitters is not always gold.

I personally found the process of cutting the energetic cords quite helpful. This is a spiritual process of getting rid of the forces that bind us with people who were not particularly good for our lives, so the karma between us would be finished.

We often meet somebody and are instantly attracted to him/her. Have you ever loved somebody in an obsessive way that just by being with them felt like a drug? The relationship was like heroin. Have you ever had a relationship that kept pulling you back when you tried to walk away, even when you knew it was wrong for you? You obsessed and lusted after them. You needed, not necessarily wanted, them in an unhealthy, dysfunctional way. These are karmic relationships.

The essence of a spiritual soul is timeless. The physical body is simply the vehicle for the expression of your spirit. It is the physical body that falls in love with the wrong person and gets hurt when the feeling is not reciprocated. However, the conscious mind cannot remember everything that has ever happened throughout time, because the conscious mind is finite. It is the soul that carries these experiences to your future. The Karma centre lies within you. The pleasure of lovemaking, the pain of betrayal; these form a Karmic connection between two individuals and this connection remains with you, until you work towards becoming Karma clear. In my blog Unrequited Love and Karma, I have written how, today, when relationships are formed and broken so frequently, you will need to work hard to become Karma clear after a relationship has ended. This will be a time when you don’t have mental, spiritual, physical or emotional attachment elsewhere. Until the spiritual bond is broken, a new relationship will not work, and you may not even know why.

Even today, we undeniably find love being discussed in songs, movies and novels—humorously or seriously. Love plays an enormous and unavoidable role in our uncountable cultures; it is a constant theme of maturing life and a vibrant theme for youth. Philosophically, since the time of the Ancient Greeks, the nature of love has been a mainstay in philosophy. Theories ranging from the materialistic conception of love as an animalistic or genetic urge that dictates our behaviour, a purely physical phenomenon, to theories of love that in its highest permits us to touch divinity, as an intensely spiritual affair, have been produced.

I have always emphasised on the importance of an equal relationship, where both the partners find space and motivation to move forward and achieve more in life. While reading this process of attaining self-actualisation through a loving partner, I was reminded all the more of the importance of being loved back.

Whether we like it or not, the Universal Law of Karma constantly brings before each of us the meeting of our past use of free will and consciousness. Thus, what we have done to other souls and they have done to us is reflected in the circumstances surrounding our present relationships and the basic, innate urges, attitudes and emotions we feel toward each other. As discussed in my blog Your Karma in Unrequited Love, Karmic relationships have a magnetism to them to draw you to each other so that one or both of you can learn a lesson. They are similar to soul mate relationships, but the karma is usually negative. There’s an edge to the relationship. It feels off balanced in some way. You may read about this in detail here.

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