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Healing Yourself of Unattainable Love

Healing Yourself of Unattainable Love.

If you are single and haven’t met someone who would occupy a special place in your heart, it is because you are yet to meet a Karma clear person. On the other hand, if you are in unattainable, unreciprocated love, there is a possibility that either one of you is not Karma clear.

Women can often fall hopelessly in love with men who are not Karma clear, and have no intention of being karma clear either. The fact is, men have an inbuilt secret intention of pleasing every woman, especially if she is pretty and available. Whatever they do is to make every woman feel special. A karma unclear person has natural magnetism. Ever heard people say “evil attracts”? While this person is capable of attracting many individuals of the opposite gender, it is your duty to check for signs and make sure you are not falling for someone who, later will only lead you to heartbreak. People falling in love with such a person are responsible because they’ve created this.

As this website is dedicated to one-way love, I am only going to talk about relationships in context of unreciprocated love. Spiritually speaking, there is nothing else, nothing more beyond you. In this dimension, remember that the entire Universe is an illusion. In truth, you need to set your consciousness a bit higher, we are love, we are light and we are one. Love and light are all there is. So, whenever you are on a mission to seek outside yourself what you think you lack, you are really missing the boat.

From a spiritual perspective you might have a ‘past life’ connection with your beloved, which makes them feel incredibly familiar and your heart unknowingly goes out to them. This involuntary clinging onto a past life blocks the growth of your soul in this life. You need to claim your power back, snap out of the spell and rescue yourself.  In order to make this happen, you need to first realise that you are trapped into a state of negative enchantment. Only then will you be able to do whatever it takes to come out of it.  This is the only way to free yourself and go on and attract real love. Once you have rescued yourself, you will be astonished at looking back to your own behaviour in the past. You will then see the object of your love as an ordinary person and not a God.

Finding love in someone who doesn’t want to reciprocate the feeling is looking beyond the universe, because everything is within you. The best relationship is your relationship with yourself. The best experiences in life manifest with the highest levels of self-love and self-esteem. Because you are the Universe, you are the world, just start right here within your heart.

The Karma of love is when we are insecure, lonely or foolish enough to think that you must seek love outside our own self; when in truth you are already bonded to all humans. It is perfectly acceptable to have romantic feelings for another individual, but if you choose to waste those feelings on someone who holds no value for them, then there is a problem. Your insecurities create a vacuum inside you. This makes you become obsessed with trying to find love outside of you. In case that love happens to be unattainable, you end up harming yourself in a lot of ways.

Associate with someone who allows you to grow. A good relationship is where both partners feel the support of being pushed to achieve their best, yet being loved for what they are. Let your partner feel important in the relationship. Praise and encouragement can work better than power and controlling. Also, learn to cooperate and be patient.

Most of us don’t know how to deal with our Karma. We have no idea about absolving or processing it. Finding a Karma clear person and understanding our own status in current or future relationships is very important. Seeing through the eyes of your soul, you will see another soul come by, at the perfect time, and make you experience what it’s like to be powerless. Send them a silent blessing for giving you the spiritual gift of unattainable love. Then turn away get on with your own life once again. Find the real love that you deserve.

Your comments are always welcome, so please share your views and I will include them in my future articles.

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