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Healing the Subconscious in Unrequited Love

Healing the Subconscious in Unrequited Love.

For unrequited lovers, the method of thorough clearing of the subconscious releases negative emotional and mental conditioning! As I have written in my blog Unrequited Love and The Third Eye, there are some techniques that an individual can practise to remember his past lives or in between lives and much more! There is a technique that makes it possible for an individual to delve deeply into the subconscious and reach into the inner space of the third eye. In this space, it is easy to find and release emotional scars from this life and past lives. The existence of these emotional scars are believed to be the roots of all mental and emotional conditioning that is a major cause behind individuals looking for love outside of themselves and facing rejection and heartbreak.

I have always said in my blogs that finding love in someone who doesn’t want to reciprocate the feeling is looking beyond the universe, because you are the universe; everything is within you. The best relationship is your relationship with yourself. The best experiences in life manifest with the highest levels of self-love and self-esteem. Because you are the Universe, you are the world, just start right here within your heart. You may read about this in detail in my blog Relationships and Spirituality. While you are in the process of removing cords in unrequited love, remember that the mind has to be cleared of all past conditioning in order to let true spiritual transformation occur.

There are various forces and energies that make us what we are. Most techniques of delving into the subconscious mind such as Hypnosis, Psychotherapy or Psychoanalysis are often unable to clear past conditioning because these techniques do not consider the existence of these energies and do not take into account the metaphysical nature of the human being. It requires deep knowledge of all the energies that form a human being, in order to reach the subconscious blockages that form the basis of earthly ego.

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Due to this lack of depth these techniques often fail to get deep enough into the subconscious blockages that form the basis of the earthly ego. In rare cases, even when they are able to get close to some larger emotional scars, they do not have the capacity to fully heal them, because the practitioner is unaware of the higher dimensional forces required to achieve this. Before an unrequited lover decides to let one such practitioner help him in releasing important cords, it is important to know that these practitioners often lack experience. They are not even capable of delving into their own subconscious, hence, most of their knowledge is second-hand and comes from observing their patients. Most Hypnotists, Psychiatrists and Psychologists have little success in truly healing their patients emotional and mental scars due to the lack of their metaphysical knowledge.

Now the problem with the clinical scenario is that it is unable to come up with a specific diagnosis in cases of love. You may read about this in detail in my blog Falling In and Falling Out. The most common diagnosis includes adjustment or depressive disorders. When an individual is put on this kind of treatment, it does not actually target the specific struggles faced by the rejected lover. Lately, it has been advisable for the clinicians to make an effort to explore when the symptoms of the patient are more directly related to romantic disappointment; by conscious mindfulness of the case. All repressed emotional traumas require an individual to reach into the deepest recesses of his mind for true freedom from past conditioning and for healing. Our past lives are where all the negative conditioning and emotional repression is actually rooted. It is believed that the early roots of our ego structure today have travelled with us from one incarnation to the next and brought with them the most intense emotional scars which have been formed throughout past lives. Our ego structure becomes rigid and encloses us within a negative mental and emotional conditioning, as a result of all the pain and suffering that we experience in all the lives that we spend on earth. Hence, the only way to real freedom from unfulfilled relationships like unrequited love and to find true love is spiritual development of self through soul-searching and healing and clearing of emotional scars.

Please share your experiences and I will add them in my future blogs.

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