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Science has proven that listening to music can boost your mood, reduce anxiety, and improve your overall well-being. Everyone knows that nothing can turn a bad day around like your favourite happy song. So, what are you waiting for?! Press play on this list of the best feel-good songs and get ready to feel instantly happier.

Whether you’re recovering from heartbreak, having a stressful day at work (funny country songs can help!), or just feeling like you need some good vibes, listening to happy music will help put a smile on your face. It doesn’t matter if you’re rocking out with headphones on or blasting tunes from your car stereo, as long as you’re moving and grooving to the rhythm.

The best (and also cheapest) cure for a blah kind of day is blasting feel-good tunes. There are those songs that just hit your soul right and make your usual lazy self want to get up and dance. Seriously, you try listening to “The Tide Is High” by Atomic Kitten without spinning around your room singing into your hairbrush. It’s physically impossible!

If you’re already in a solid mood and want to keep the good vibes flowing, these songs are GUAR-AN-TEED to get the job done. 

1. “Saturn” by Sleeping at Last

“It is so beautifully transcendent and enchantingly tranquil. I especially love the line, ‘How rare and beautiful it is to even exist.’ It really reminds me of the value of life and how it’s a treasure to be alive at all, in spite of hardship.” — Katherine S.

2. “I Won’t Let You Go” by Switchfoot

“When I’m laying down at night, my mind starts racing and usually gets feelings of abandonment and worthlessness. These lyrics bring me hope and comfort, knowing that there’s people in my life, and more importantly God in my life, and they won’t let me go.” — Shelby H.

3. “Comes and Goes (In Waves)” by Greg Laswell

“The very first time I heard it, this song became my greatest comfort. It’s just one of those songs you can play on the absolute worst of days and it’s so calming. It feels like a huge hug when no one else is around, and as corny as it sounds, it’s such a nice reminder that you’re not alone in this. I decided about a year ago I wanted those words tattooed on me, along with an hourglass with messy waves on top and calm waves on the bottom, to remind me that even though things are hard in that moment, and the waves are harsh, angry and anxious; pain always comes and goes, and you can and will get back to the calm, soft waters that put you back at ease.” — Erin O.

4. “Sermon” by James Arther

“Simply because when I am feeling at my lowest, this song reminds me that there are others out there that are capable of loving me, even when I don’t.” — Jen A.

5. “Lucky One” by Simple Plan

“It talks about how stressful and painful it is to see everyone getting by with stuff and that it seems so easy, but not [for you].”  — Bere W.

6. “Weightless” by Natasha Bedingfield

“I often feel like I’m drowning and the whole world is weighing down on my shoulders. The song reminds me I’m unique and don’t have to conform. The line, ‘I’m weightless,’ somehow makes me feel lighter.” — Jennifer E.

7. “Undefeated” by Daughtry

“In not too bad episodes, it was that one song that I simply had to rock along with because of the upbeat vibe with and it always gave me a spark of hope, even if it didn’t always last. Because, in the end, I’m still undefeated and I plan on fighting my damned hardest to keep it that way.” — Dagmar O.

8. “Walk Away From The Sun” by Seether

“It made me feel less alone in what I was feeling. One line, ‘We’re medicated and scared,’ was something I related to a lot because I was new to all the trial and error with medication and it was something that scared me.” — Amy W.

9. “Sweet Blasphemy” by Black Veil Brides

“It’s not very common, but it’s helped me so much because the lead singer Andy Biersack explained that it’s about teaching the listener that it’s OK to be yourself and to never give in and change who you are — to just be yourself and love who you are. It pumps me up and makes me happy.” — Breeana G.

10. “People Crying Every Night” by  A R I Z O N A

“It has two meanings for me. First, it helps me realize that some days may be complicated, dark and lonely, but tomorrow is always an entirely different day, another chance to deal with things differently. Although the symptoms and the pain remain the same, I can choose how to fight them. Secondly, it’s like having a friend comforting me: ‘I wish I had the answers, I wish I had the time to give you all the reasons why it’s worth it down the line.’” — Diana L.

11. “Calling Cards” by Neko Case

“Really, her entire most recent album from 2013 is such a breath of fresh air to listen to. Neko herself has talked about her own struggles with self-identity and depression growing up. All of the songs on this album make me feel a little less alone and put my mind at ease, night or day.” — Heather W.

12. “The Show” by Lenka

“I can’t help but feel that this song is made for me. The lyrics reflect my situation. I admit I am lost and it freaks me out — a lot. But that doesn’t mean I have to succumb to this condition. Listening to this song eases up the tension I have. This song reminds me to free my mind, relax even for a while and still live my life despite all my frustrations.” — Lennie Anne G.

13. “When You Can’t Sleep At Night” by Of Mice & Men

“When I was going through a depressed state and could never get to sleep, this was the only thing that would help. I love the words and the song is so calming.” — Sarah T.

14. “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong

“It is such a sweet and beautiful song that is so descriptive about everything he sees. It reminds me to slow down and observe and appreciate everything around me. It gets me out of my own head and keeps my mind preoccupied.” — Jenna L.

15. “Anything’s Possible” by Lea Michelle

“It helped me remember that even though I get pushed downtime after time trying to do things, I will eventually overcome it. ‘I pushed to the limits, I climbed every wall, I keep on believing, anything is possible.’ I always remember that line and it really lifts me up. — Emily V.

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